By BDayssuck - United States
Today, my fiancé, his mother, my father and I went out to celebrate my birthday and our recent engagement. After dinner, my father and future mother-in-law revealed to us that they had secretly been dating and were talking about also getting married. Anybody want cake? FML
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  wow18  |  3

I don't understand how everyone fails to understand this point. Firstly it is weird to be married to your step brother/sister. If they were cousins by marriage or something then i wouldn't think its a big deal, but seriously, being married to your step sibling is sick enough of a thought and the person is your SIBLING, blood or not, that is still a brother sister relationship. If you can get over that part fine, but think about the parents having another child. They will both have the same brother/sister. Think how gross and awkward it sounds to have a same biological brother/sister as your boyfriend/husband. Think how weird it would be if your biological(half) siblings were married to each other.

The parents shouldn't have ever looked at each other in that way EVER. That is just such a wrong thing to do to your child. Totally lose their kids trust. People saying well they're in love, well for one like i said they should have never looked at each other like that and two, there are plenty of other people to fall in love with.

  hawkloverr  |  0

the grossness is ALL in your head. they arent related, and most parents of adults old enough to get married arent old enough to have kids, and even if they are, nobody here mentioned kids, so why is this being discussed? this country is so stupid about things like this..the only reason incest is "wrong" is because it breeds deformity. i mean, we accept that woody allen marries his adopted daughter, and we accept all the time that people who have different parents but grew up together date and get married, so why is THIS scenario even an issue? this is stupid

  birdofparadise  |  16

You are completely over-reacting. First off, the only way they would have a "brother/sister" relationship is if they had been step-brother/sister for years, not now after they are already engaged and they didn't know that the mother and father were dating each other. Second, the parents didn't do anything to these kids, they cannot help it that they became attracted to each other, and again, there is no long time brother/sister relationship between these two that will cause them to be messed up. Stop trying to psychoanalyze things that you quite obviously know nothing about.


My friend is 23, and her boyfriend is 24. Thier parents got married a few months ago, and its not wierd. Many people, especially when you haven't been "siblings" long, NEVER think of the stepsibling in a brother/sister way.


how is that sounds sick n u'd have to explain every detail to ppl wen u tell them

O.P. : u got engaged 1st...its urs!! tell them to just stick to dating or something...

thats kinda wrong o.0 but enjoy ur cake...dont choke!!

  fmlfmlfml15  |  0

thats exactly what i first thought of when I read this FML, and it's funny that when i read "his mother and my father", i knew what the FML was already.

By  leero  |  0

I always thought that situation would be awkward.
You and your fiance should get married first, to avoid the extra-awkwardness!

I like the way this one was worded.

By  Lonely_Lez  |  0

It's hardly the end of the world, though pure societal convention dictates that you should get married first, because then you're married first, step-siblings second, but that's simply for convenience.

Also, this totally happened on Fresh Prince, only they announced it at the kids' wedding. And before anyone says anything, I'm not saying it's fake or stolen or whatever, I'm just stating a fact. Life imitating art and such.