By Anonymous - 25/1/2021 05:02

The I in LGBTQA+

Today, like every day, I'm an intersex woman. I can't orgasm, have no vagina, and can't have my own kids. Every new partner I have requires an embarrassing explanation and biology lesson because no one knows what intersex means, even though it's quite common. At least I don't get periods? FML
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  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Nope, I don't think OP should lower her expectations at all. Many trans people date people who are rubbish because us CIS people have made them into some kind of taboo abomination. Shame on us. OP should find a partner who treats her like a princess and who will not stop trying new things until she is a hot orgasmic mess.

  kfchicken_fml  |  31

no no, this is a generic condition that people have at birth. you seem to be mistaking intersex with something else, and instead of using Google you choose to remain ignorant and rude

  tounces7  |  27

Like most people here I imagine, I did look it up. And last I knew, the term "hermaphrodite" used to apply to this. No idea when it changed to Intersex.

  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Well, we as humanity are evolving and becoming more tolerant of those who are different from ourselves. I imagine many intersex people were offended by the term 'Hermaphrodite' and so it was changed to something more acceptable to everyone concerned.

By  SJKatt  |  10

Unfortunately, the intersex community is almost unheard of because it's all hush-hushed to people who don't go looking for it. It's an active campaign to keep people uninformed, despite intersex people being just as common as redheads. (I am aware that sounds like conspiracy, but there are multiple points in history where the data, study material and information regarding the intersex community (as well as the trans community) have been actively destroyed to keep people in the dark.) The Institut für Sexualwissenschaft was one of those institutions that was destroyed.

The 203 people who voted YDI have some explaining to do. Even if you’re ignorant enough to confuse an anatomical difference a person is BORN with, with gender identity or sexual orientation, you’re still transphobic and/or homophobic.

OP, I’m sad for you that you can’t orgasm, if you want children I’m sad you can’t have them, and most of all, I’m sad for you that you have to deal with ignorant judgmental jerks.


Actually, science seems to have identified sexual orientation is acquired before birth too (even though, as always, more confirmation is needed to consider it a certainty). Gender identity doesn't have enough studies on it to have an opinion.

By  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Hi OP. My girlfriend is trans and she actually gets period pains. On the plus side though, she orgasms all the time. One of my specialties is making girls orgasm on command, which I do using sensual BDSM play. Sadly it doesn't work for everyone but it may be worth a try. I truly wish for you that you find an amazing partner who will embrace your gender identity and physicality and find creative and amazing ways of pleasuring you sexually. It will happen, don't give up.