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  Mangascribbler  |  19

Well, it's technically the equivalent in anatomical terms, I suppose- both have a prepuce and erectile core, at least. I'd go out on a limb and say that's not the worst assumption one could make the first time one saw a clit.

  smallandroid  |  26

I assume that an artificially-constructed vagina might not make for the most pleasurable experience- I don't believe that they are able to self-lubricate like a biological vagina. You need to use a lot of lube for vaginal intercourse to be pleasurable. I'm not sure if an artificial vagina is capable of stretching to take the girth of a penis either.

  A1NoSauce  |  17

Personally I think he was just trying to find a way out of the relationship after getting the sex he wanted. I don't think there are many more phrases you could utter more than that to turn a girl off.

  ethan_18  |  14

I think that thinking you had a non-biological vagina may be correct, as you were losing your virginity and for sure weren't loose. Interesting and unique FML though

  samsam23t  |  8

or maybe the virgins he fucked were big and hers was too small for him and he assumed that no natural girls had a vag that small and tight so he assumed as such.