By kolgate - United States

The gays

Today, I called my grandmother to wish her a happy Valentine's Day. She asked me if I had a date lined up. I didn't, and before I could explain why, she responded with, "Well, maybe all the other gays went on vacation!" Thanks Grandma, I'm not gay. FML
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By  Amkii  |  0

#2, it could have something to do with Valentine's Day. Like, if everyone else went on vacation, that would explain why the submitter didn't have a date.

By  Mannerheim  |  0

Dude, number nine is the number one funniest guy on this site. There is something about fucking your grandmother that just makes me squeal with giddy laughter.

And another thing, my parents think I'm gay, but what they don't know is I only don't show them the girls I date, cause none of them have ever been white AND attractive at the same time!