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  DaMann360  |  19

I made a VERY insulting comment two weeks ago and I still feel bad. I wish I could apologize to that person but I couldn't at the time because I got banned before I could and now it's too late for them to see it. You think you're a dick? At least you have a chance to make something right and apologize if thats the kind of person you are.

  DocBastard  |  38

DaMann360 - It used to be that everyone here called everyone else idiots, twits, morons, and imbeciles. No one was insulted because everyone was, and everyone got over it just in time to insult the next guy.

If anyone can truly be offended here, he doesn't deserve the internets.


then maybe op should lose some weight. at least it was the father instead of people at school or her friends, that might've made her feel worse.
i was overweight before and my parents didn't say a thing but people at school did. now I wish my parents had been honest with me

  Marley_000  |  14

I agree. That's not really mean of her dad. Now after every gym session, instead of going for unhealthy food which you ultimately will crave after working out, she will be reminded to eat healthy. What's so bad about that? Sometimes people just need encouragement.

By  emilycb93  |  12

I'd honestly rather have my parents be brutally honest with me when it comes to my weight, if you're parents won't tell you when you're over the edge, who will? Even though it was harsh, there's a possibility he just cares and is trying to help you. Good luck!

  Mauskau  |  35

My siblings and I do that with our parents. My father has poor health because he is so overweight and my mum doesn't have anything too bad.. yet.

  parism143  |  28

18 is right, you don't have to be a complete cockslut about telling your kids they're overweight. My parents call me obese every single damn day even though I'm far from it ( I am overweight but only by about 10-20 pounds, not 200 ), and it has a worse impact on my emotional health than any other excruciating experience with being bullied in my lifetime.
I'm trying to be healthier, just like OP is, but there's no need to utterly raze our self-confidence.

  junkman6  |  22

Once again the double standard strikes, a parent trying to help their kid lose weight is being called a douche.

"You can't hurt your kids feelings!" But then people say "parents are why kids are so bad nowadays!"

Make up your minds, parents have to hurt some feelings and bruise some egos. Or else you end up with spoiled rotten idiots everywhere.


If this is the only thing OP's dad has done to bring up her weight I don't think it's too bad. I know how she feels though, because I'm a perfectly normal weight and I'm also very active, and my parents CONSTANTLY say I'm fat and tell me to "eat better" (which I do). If it were just that they were concerned it wouldn't be as bad, but they constantly screw with me and say they're "kidding." They've been physically and verbally abusive my whole life, though, so I'm used to it, sadly.

  dmd316  |  9

I'm not saying it shouldn't have been brought up, but there are much more tactful ways of doing so. It's one thing to let your child know you are concerned for their health, but it is an entirely different thing when they do it in a way like this. If your parenting involves bullying your child because of weight instead of helping them lose the weight in a healthy way, you aren't being a good parent. Instead of being passive aggressive, try taking them to a dietitian or the gym; be supportive for them.

By  gingerface81  |  16

Ouch, I'm sorry OP, just change the code if you can and keep your head held high because you're actually improving yourself by going to the gym or participating in a gym class, he's obviously not