By Sebastian - United States
Today, our school had tryouts for chorus. Everybody sang a snippet of the song together until the teacher stopped us, saying it sounded awful. He singled me out and told me to sing alone. After I sang the part, he said, "Son, your gift to God will be silence." FML
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By  Zooma_fml  |  0

So, seeing from reading this story, your voice sucks-ass and the teacher singled you out just to make fun of you. Obviously you deserve this since you are trying out for chorus, so ya, its your fault, idiot.

By  Kitten125  |  0

#1 is a asshole.

Ok, so your voice is bad but your teacher shouldn't have singled you out in such a humiliating way. It was a very witty line she used though. :D You can't be good at everything, just learn to accept it, and find something else you like and are good at.

By  thinkpink  |  0

WAAAHHHH I suck at singing. That's why I never try it in front of others. I have no pity for you. We all wish we could sing, but the sad sad fact is that a very small percentage of us can.