By Broeman - United States
Today, I found some charges on my credit card for two round trip tickets to Las Vegas. Turns out my daughter and her stoner, unemployed boyfriend stole my credit card and flew to Vegas over the weekend to get married. I paid for my daughter's elopement. FML
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By  lenasaur  |  0

Something tells me they felt the need to do that because someone didnt want it, but hopefully Im wrong.. but either way even though theyre happy together I dont think they shouldve stolen your card.. unless youre not telling us something (tried to force them to break up, etc)

  perstephane  |  4

Wait - are you saying that if a parent tries to keep their child from doing something, the child has a right to steal their credit card? If so, I can't wait until you have kids who are old enough to do something you don't like.

  CDS09  |  0

@ 4

.......what? Are you the stoner boyfriend? You do not have a right to steal your parents card if they try to force you to break up. Clearly the father would have been in the right to try to force a breakup....the boyfriend is an idiot (but then again so is your daughter).


i agree. kick her out. her boyfriend is unemployed, so she probably can't afford to be kicked out. tell her either to leave or get the marriage annulled. that is one seriously shitty raised daughter.

  proudtobeme  |  0

Well, considering that the boyfriend is unemployed and need some means of finance in order to pay for marijuana (and we already know they're not afraid to leech off of her parents)...I would say, yes, it is a bad thing.

  zombiefacee  |  1

Agreed. Stoner is not always a negative trait. I'm a 20-year-old student studying to be a Neurosurgeon. I smoke on a daily basis and I still have straight A's while maintaining a job.