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  RabbitOfAurora  |  28

Sorry guys; this was my first comment since the mobile update and when I pressed the submit button it didn't appear to be working, so in my frustration I got button happy and instead of submitting the comment and going back to the page it posted twice >_>

By  bresheen  |  8

I feel like this is a YDI if this is actually something that you would check for her but FML if she was trying to prank you while on the phone with your boss.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

Um, can she not check something like that herself? Especially for something so intimate. It's really not that hard to see either, and you can generally feel something is wrong, they can hurt or itch.

Sucks your boss heard, that's embarrassing, but it's probably pretty awkward for him to hear too. So I don't think he'd really want to bring any attention to it, and probably won't mention it.