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By jackmehoffa - 03/04/2012 18:10 - United States - Green Bay

Today, I posted on Facebook saying I'm in a new relationship. One of my buddies said, "You're cheating on Jill?" My girlfriend saw this and went completely nuts, not giving me a chance to explain that "Jill" is just a euphemism for your hand. FML
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You call your hand, "Jill?" Good name I suppose. I call my fancy shower head, "Leo."

Explain it to your girlfriend if she's a keeper she'll understand. If she doesn't, you're probably better off with Jill. . .


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Jack and Jill went up the hill. Jill enjoyed that pickled dill. But one fine day, Jack got a thrill, from young little Lill, and ditched ol' jill as roadside kill. Young Lill didn't last long, for she felt a chill, and her suspicion was fullfilled and left the hill. And till this day, there isn't much to say, but jack still goes up the hill, with his beloved ol' Jill.

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28-that brought a tear to my eye.

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It was so weird reading this because my name is Jill. Since when do guys name their hands?

rofl... whoops, cats outa the back....Jill knows about Jill.

#64 - Do you mean cat's out of the bag?

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28- did you mean Lill at the end, not Jill? Sorry for being sort of a "Grammer Nazi," your post was very beautiful.

Oh ya I use my Jill all the time. Ya that does not sound right.

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Rosy palm and my five friends would have explained it better to the gf... Hopefully she understands the joke now :)

2- you dumbass. Look at your hand. Your fingers spell the word "Jill"

I actually had NO idea about the "Jill" thing. And when you said it, I looked at my palm, of course, then had to turn it over and had an awkward "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!" moment

*realizes he just gave away that hes right handed*

85- He could be looking at the palm of his left hand.

130 - I'm holding my iPod in my right hand so I looked at my left hand's palm. And I actually have a girl in my class named Jill, she's pretty hot so this made me laugh. (the FML) anyways, I'm just saying I would stay with Jill :)

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Also you have Jack and Jill.

You call your hand, "Jill?" Good name I suppose. I call my fancy shower head, "Leo."

We Leo's are great at pleasing the opposite sex ;)

I'll take your word for it, boys. Anyway, he's named after Leonardo DiCaprio.

You couldn't aim higher than Leonardo DiCrapio?


You crazy. He's a GREAT actor. And I'm not just saying that because he's gorgeous. Ever seen "Blood Diamond?" "Shutter Island?" Yeah. 'Nuf said.

ever seen the rendition of Romeo and Juliet he starts in. plus Titanic sucked

skyttlz 32

Hold your left hand with your fingers spread. From your pointer finger down to your thumb looks like a J and the fingers are lll

All right, troll. I'll play. If you want to evaluate an actor's abilities, you should base your assessment more heavily on his more recent works than on movies made over a decade earlier. He wasn't even 20 yet when he made those movies. He's nearly 40 now. That's a LOT of time for improvement.

I'm not trying to troll but I can see how it looks that way I just don't really like his movies

Aaaaaaaw...Don't hate him 'cuz he's beautiful. The poor guy just can't help it. :(

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How dare you say titanic sucked!!

Seriously... He's just an actor. Calm down.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape? = Win. Inception = Lame. Also, Shutter Island was so predictable my eyes bled a little.


Now you're just being a hater. That man can act. Period.

His rendition of Romeo and Juliet was awesome and I bite my thumb at you sir for saying it was awful.

89 you are for sure trolling if you say inception is lame. Lemme guess, you didn't understand it?

I have respect for the man, but you've got to admit, Shutter Island kind of sucked, but other than that, he is a great actor.

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I thought your hands name is palmela handerson?

Whooa, things just got real. Shutter Island, totally predictable but that does not change the fact it was amazing. If you try to slag off Leo, watch What's Eating Gilbert Grape and you will see he has been brilliant since a wee boy! If you look at acting ability as opposed to all round film quality, he was brilliant in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet too. He just got so much better along with the films he chose to take part in. And mature like a fine wine he did! Nomnomnom

What about Gwyneth Palmtrow? Hand Solo? Lindsey Lohand? John Hand-****? Or are these to far?

141: you were good until the "lindsey lohand" *shudder*

Look at your right hand, the fingers spell out "Jill"

Hold your right hand up with your palm facing away and spread your fingers. Hook your thumb upwards (like a J), and you should undrstand why it's Jill.

Explain it to your girlfriend if she's a keeper she'll understand. If she doesn't, you're probably better off with Jill. . .

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Should have responded "No, she's coming to the three-ways."

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She sounds a little off the rails already tho, I guess it's better the op found out now.

71 any girl would get pissed if they find out their bf is cheating on them. In this case it's lack of communication. Good luck OP explain to her and everything will be good.

@71: But she didn't find out. Someone made a joke on Facebook and she didn't even give her boyfriend a chance to explain. Sure there is lack of communication there, but that's there only because she wouldn't let him speak. Normal girls wouldn't do that, they would believe their bf over a random stranger, and they would ask before jumping to conclusions. Everybody makes mistakes of course, but if she is always like that ... that wouldn't make for a good relationship.

71- A friend said 'you're cheating on Jill?' you can't put sarcasm behind words over the Internet so its a reasonable response if it's a new relationship.

It's because he "Jack's" off with "Jill". It's actually so clever!

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sooo true..Its lack of comuunication she has summ insecuities i bet

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Well, it looks like you'll be going back to Jill in no time

Why Jill? Pamela would be a better name...Pamela hand.

Jennifinger Handiston... Lindsey Lohand... Barack Opalma ... xD Morehand Freeman •_•

Jack and Jill= Jackin' Jill. At least that's how I think they came up with it.

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Because if you hold your hand up it spells Jill. Not Pamela.

its Jill because if you look at your right hand your thumb and pointer make a "J" then open the rest and its the "I" "L" "L"

Thought the whole point was calling her PALMela HANDerson...

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Palm facing me? I see llij. Then again, I'm right handed. You must be a lefty.

sjbartholome said "hold up your LEFT hand with your palm facing you..." and if you did it with your right hand and it said lliJ, i think you should go to a doctor because I'm fairly sure your thumb shouldn't angle towards your hand....

**** Jill's life and FYL too sorry to here that

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Hear**** everyone fails hahahaha

olpally 32

Didn't see comment above mine^ when I posted mine... *prepares for thumbs down and punches self in face* :(

why would u put such a thing on Facebook when you already has a girlfriend?!?!

Someone just confessed that she was illiterate to the internet population

"Already HAS", eh? Quite the grammar specialist, I take it.

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Just go away. Go away and never look back.

No, I think he read it, he just didn't understand

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User name is ronnie220, ronnie is a guys name. thus making the user a male or at least a she-male.

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Get your bud to explain to situation...

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Freak out first, ask questions later.. That always goes well. "/ I hate when people jump to conclusions. Sorry OP.