By madbirthdaymomma - United States - Roswell
Today, I was hosting my daughter's thirteenth birthday party. One parent decided to stay at my house, the only parent to do so. The entire night she critiqued every decision I made, from the films to the cake. When it was time to open presents, her kid was the only one without one. FML
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  ItsJustMe1616  |  26

Yeah personally I wouldn't be inviting that family to the next party. No offense to the kid, but that's just rude on so many levels. I would almost call that utterly disrespectful. Happy birthday to your daughter though! :)

  JennaNGood  |  21

OP probably didn't ask her to stay, as OP said she was the only parent to do so. But I can tell you if that was my daughter's birthday party, I would not have taken that lying down. I hope OP follows up because I want to know if she said something to that parent.

  whys0serious  |  12

I'm normally very polite. But too much is just too much, I would have thrown out her ass as well, and let her decide if she wants to leave her child or not (I mean, it's not the poor kid's fault after all to have such a parent).


-12 I completely agree. I know if I had been there I wouldn't want to invite the daughter of that mother to anything in fear of her tagging along. This girl is 13 not 6 and teenagers need a little space (and trust) from their parents.

  amisenho  |  11

#32: That's how my friendships went when I was younger. The only kids my mother would allow me to hang out with were either: 1) kids of people that she knew when she was growing up or 2) kids of people that attended our church regularly. She actually encouraged me to hang out with a kid that went to church with us and would leave bruises on me every time I went to his house, but scolded me for hanging out with a girl who didn't go to church with us but invited me to go with her to Chuck E. Cheese's one weekend with her parents. Needless to say, I didn't have many decent friends until late in high school.

By  SkyGuy32  |  17

Some people are just like that, OP, try not to let it get to you.

By  Vegnas  |  13

But she gave you something better - advice. And what better gift is there than the gift of knowledge? (Specifically, the knowledge that she and her kid should NOT be invited again because they are party poopers)

  whys0serious  |  12

"Party poopers" :D
Great comment, couldn't stop thinking about "I like you Cindy.." - don't think many people will get it, but I found it hilarious :D

By  way2go  |  16

Seems like she wasn't your daughters best friend since she didn't make sure there was a present for her "friend". I hate to take it out on the girl but maybe don't invite her next time?

  Lukensz  |  16

Considering the mother's behaviour, I doubt she couldn't afford a present. She sounds like one of those nasty people you see on "those" TV shows.