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By  Sandra Foran  |  10

I know how you feel! About 5 people showed up to my baby shower when my entire workplace was invited. I received zero hospital visits from anyone even though I publicly shared which room and floor we were at. I'm really sorry to hear this, OP. Know that you are not alone in the world!

By  piinksock  |  17

Baby showers are an attention seeking gift grab. If someone wants to get you a gift or pay attention to you, that should be a wonderful surprise. You don't deserve anything. If you need to bank on gifts to support your baby, you shouldn't be having one.
Show some gratitude to the 5 people who bothered to come.

By  charliewhippet  |  9

I'm going to guess that the way the invitation was written came across as grabby and a bunch of people thought "Yeah, screw that." Was there a registry of expensive gifts? Did you ask for cash? Was it a "pay your own way" venue?

By  vitti  |  2

It's the middle of August! People would find a wedding inconvenient and a pain and would maybe show up for a close relative's funeral - get real!