By soaked - United States - Philadelphia

So pissed

Today, I was babysitting, and I had to pee really, really badly. I couldn't figure out how to get the stupid toilet lock off, and ended up pissing myself. As I stood in the bathroom in tears, their child screamed, "No, no, pee-pee in the POTTY!" FML
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  HaneenDixon  |  16

If they do return before she's able to dry her pants they might find out but they won't "see" it happen. Even though it's still humiliating, it makes a big difference!


I'm sorry that happened but honestly I think you deserve it. First of all, as others said you could have peed in the sink/bath instead of pissing yourself. Second of all, why was your bathroom door open?! Finally, why the hell would you cry when you piss yourself? I understand it's upsetting but if you're old enough to babysit, you should be old enough to take care of your bladder AND not cry if something like this happens.

  JustAGirlOnFML  |  11

#134 - Not everyone can hold their bladder as easily as others, everyone is different. And have you ever had to pee so bad you cried?
She was probably extremely embarrassed for peeing herself in someone's home. Just because she's 'old enough to babysit' doesn't mean she can't cry?!
I think peeing in their bathtub or sink would have been just as bad.

  SamCat  |  21

#11 & #73 are right. That is their purpose. The adult is supposed to be able to unlock them to keep toddlers safe. I even got a refrigerator lock for my kids. The door locks though, no adult visitor can ever figure out.


I'm in the same boat as you. I assumed they would be to protect the kids, but man I've never heard of one. They need to make refrigerator locks for adults to keep them from eating so much, that would also be protecting people.

  mousey119  |  4

The adults are supposed to know but some child safety locks are a pain in the butt, my friends always spend at least a good 5 minutes messing with safety gates trying to open them, I'm mean and watch them to get your kicks where you can.

  Fsvb  |  32

I can understand it's a lock to prevent things from happening.. But honestly, I cannot imagine much things going badly wrong with a child and a toilet... I would find it somewhat impressive if a kid could drown itself in a toilet o_O

  Metallica36176  |  16

Me too. Just go the hell outside, not that hard. And if there isn't a bush just pull your pants down and do it. Everybody does it. What I don't understand is why she was crying? Really? She cried because you couldn't figure out the lock, couldn't think of something else, and pissed herself? I mean I understand over-reacting sometimes because of stupid things but, not the greatest time with kids...

  aisthecoolest  |  8

Yet there's still a sink

By  WrongRomance  |  11

You could have tried the sink if they had one, or the bathtub.

  gracehi  |  31

In some old European houses that were built before indoor plumbing the sink is in a different room than the toilette because they won't both fit in the same room.

  gracehi  |  31

I can't see your location because I'm on the Android app, but I'm guessing you're British, or some other English speaking European. Perhaps Australian? Anyway, I was using American terms. In America, we call any room with a toilet in it a "bathroom" whether or not it has an actual bathtub in it. Weird, I know.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

"Here most of the house have two different rooms, one being the toilet and the other being the bathroom."

It depends on the house. Some houses have the toilet as a separate room, others (mostly modern houses) have the toilet in the actual bathroom itself.