By hickey - 05/02/2010 10:35 - United States

Today, I made out with my friend for the first time. He gave me a hickey that can't be hidden. I'm the president of my church youth group and I have to help give a seminar on keeping your body like a holy temple... Tomorrow. FML
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alex_vik 0

Practice what you preach.

you could of told him not to give you a hickey or not let him suck on our neck period. YDI!!!


hate_my_mom 0

you deserved it for not controlling your friend.

what?? for not controlling a friend?! ridiculous. use a bandage.

or a scarf? say your cold :P

turtlenecks and liquid concealed are a hoochies best friends.

yeah, get a fashionable scarf, wear your hair down. wear some concealer anyway in case the scarf slips down.

responses 0

hypocrite op?

Eh, things happen. If you want to get rid of it, just use chapstick. hurts but works. You press hard and rub the chapstick into the hicky and it will push the blood back down the mark will be gone.

fjoson 0

Haha u feelin stupid...

weheuw 0

YDI.. All I can say

you could of told him not to give you a hickey or not let him suck on our neck period. YDI!!!

This. I will never understand the appeal of sucking on a person's neck until it bruises. It's like making your mark. Personally, I just don't find it sexy when people try to do that.

Horney4her69 0

sometimes it just happens in the heat of the moment.

#49: Im 27 and have made out with my fair share of people, and I have never once had someone give me a hickey. Because I don't find it appealing when someone is sucking on one spot for an extended amount of time. Actually, I don't see the point of sucking at all. It's much more sensual with just kisses all over the neck. Hickey's are a teenager thing to do. It's someone marking their territory. Hickey's take work, they don't just happen by accident.

MXavierT 0

Agreed. Unless you're a vampire or something, I don't really see what's so cool about sucking someone's neck.

bandage. FTW. go bandaids

alex_vik 0

Practice what you preach.

toeknee33 0

YDI for being a hipocrit

Giant85 0

cur your hair, use a bandaide, and say you got burnt

Just say it's a burn from a hair curling iron. They will understand.

perdix 29

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....says the guy who sounds like a slut himself.

....except he's a guy.

So it's alright for a guy to be slutty/a manwhore 0.o? (intended for #41)

Just as alright as it is for a girl to be. It's just a girl is going to take more offense to being called a slut than a guy is.