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Today, my mom was taking an online IQ test. To the question "On which continent is Canada located?" she responded "Antarctica." If intelligence is genetic, I'm screwed. FML
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Who doesn't know where Canada is wtf, Canadas the best!

Knowledge isn't intelligence at all. Your mom can be very smart but just bad at geography.


geography must be 1 of her strong points...

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I know how you feel OP my mom didn't know Japan is a country not a town :/... she thinks it's the capital of Hong Kong, which she thinks is a country yeah....

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Wow that's pretty dumb, my bestfriend used to think Alaska was really an island and that holleywood was a state though! lol :)

Canada rules. Canada and USA tag team match vs any other boarding countries, canada and us would dominate.

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Fyl? No...Fhl for being an idiot!

Don't worry OP, I have talked to Americans over Xbox Live and in real life, believe it or not, that thought Canada was called Canadia, and many more that either never knew Canada existed, thought it was part of the U.S.A. or also thought it was part of a different continent. Sometimes I question humanity.

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so wait, canada ISN'T located on antartica?! :o

Pfft, of course Canada isn't on Antarctica you idiots. It's on Mars. Where else would it be.

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yay Connecticut!! we dumb hurrr

Lol... Not as dumb, close though. He did of course mention it was an I.Q. test his mother was taking, insinuating the questions were to test intelligence.

This reminds me of that time that Katy Perry thought Canada was outside of North America, I used to like her.... Not anymore hahaha.

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21 How the **** do you misspell Hollywood, you dumb wench? 46 In case you didn't know, anyone who pays for an online subscription for console games is ******* retarded.

If only the US Americans had more maps.

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nah man a doornail is smater than op's mom

I've been in the USA (I'm Canadian) and told people where I was from and they asked if it was a state.

I love how op thinks she's only screwed if it's genetic. shes screwed anyway. her retard mum is probly gonna burn the house down on accident...

wow, OPs mom and some of these comments are absolute fails.. FYL

Good thing actual IQ tests don't ask knowledge questions...

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if you know thats the wrong answer then ur not retarded like your mom

It doesn't surprise me in the least. Americans only learn about US history in school. I think I know more about American history than some Americans do. I'm Canadian.

9: hong kong broke away from china. that is why they go to the olympics as their own country.

100-what in middle school(or junior high if you're stupid)? of course we learn it, but at least here in high school we are required to take world history. I understand some Americans are stupid, but not all. I know canadians that thought Mexico was in south America. it's not just Americans that are stupid, you find them everywhere.

I say if a certain individual can not locate the continent where the finest hat in the world is located, then his or her life is f'ed. I end my statement thusly... FHL

We live in a world of ignorance. I hope it isn't genetic.

Nonono. Hong Kong is not separated from China. They enter the Olympics as "Hong Kong, China". Even they use the different policies doesn't mean they're separated.

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it's funny because your mom is an idiot

if Russia and China teamed together nothing could stop them.

chill dude if you know it's wrong you obviously aren't as dumb as her. ydi for overreacting.

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I realized I spelt it wrong after I already posted it :) hahaha

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I think you're already screwed for not knowing that intelligence is, in fact, genetic. FYL OP.

haha ur American it's okay not knowing where everything else is lol

71 - I will gather the mentally handicapped people of the world and have them beat your ass, you strawberry-brained asshole.

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@122 - You're forgetting the "Nature vs Nurture" debate about intelligence. Unfortunately, for OP both the Nature and the Nurture components are influenced by the same person, the mom. Oh well, he's screwed.

As I understand it, the Hong Kong/China relationship is somewhat similar to the Puerto Rico/USA one, although I'm using that term loosely here. It's a separate entity in most practical ways, but it's technically under the sovereignty of the larger nation. Hong Kong has only been a part of China in that way since 1997, so I could understand a mom who was educated before then not being aware of the changes. Ideally, everyone would be 100% up-to-date on world history/events, but that's not realistic.

yea but you guys also have thanksgiving in american thanksgiving celebrates the pilgrims's survival of the first winter and stuff like that but what is there to give thanks about in canada? you guys finally saw grass on the ground that year?

actually even if half of the US mainland was on side with china and russia the other half would still probably win because the chinese military is grand in numbers but is also one of the least trained in the world and u actually expect russia to take over america with 200k people?

You are dumb yourself. It's Hollywood and not Holleywood.

Hey... I took that test yesterday too! :) What a kwinky dinky.

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In every country there's idiots, so stop with the "all Americans are stupid" stereotype. In Junior High and High school, we study world history, but that doesn't mean everybody is going to listen and learn.

104- Name Canadas first prime minister. Americans are to arrogant and ignorant to learn anything about other countries. I'm positive the only way you could tell me our first prime minister is by google.

Why do you think we're arrogant just because we don't know Canada's first prime minister? I admit I don't know who it is, but how or why do you expect me to? How can you expect us to know the prime minister or president of every country? Granted, some Americans are stupid but so are some Canadians. Every country has stupid people, but the fact that we don't know your first prime minister isn't what proves that.

#104 - Australia had a campaign a while back to promote knowledge of our own history by pointing out that most Australians could name the first US President, but not the first Australian Prime Minister. It was a bit of a wake up call. Even now I'll bet most Australians could name the first (because of the campaign) but not the second. #147 - Your point is valid, but back it up a notch, and try this while resisting the urge to tell me to go **** myself. Take your two neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico (I'm assuming you're American from your post, but if you're not, take whatever your neighboring countries are). Name the _current_ leaders of those countries. For that matter, name the leaders of any three other countries you choose. Name three Canadian Provinces. Name three Mexican states. I don't even want to know your answers - only you will know if you were right or wrong - the exercise isn't for my benefit.

1. Agree with 32, it's more of a fhl than a fml. 2. #40 is wrong. Your intelligence is based on your knowledge. the more you know the more intelligent you are. 3. I don't think intelligence is genetic. I think it's determined by your attitude towards learning. If you are eager for knowledge it's much easier for you to study than someone who hates learning.

FYI most major Canadian cities are very close to the US border, meaning we have about the same weather as Washington in the west and New York in the east. Most of us don't live in year round snow - hell I live in Vancouver and we're lucky if we get snow in the winter (and when we do it's for a few short days).

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funny my entire life I never had anything taught to me about America until I got to my US history class in sophomore year of high school. We didn't learn about current events either only things like the Mayans, ancient Rome, Africa, etc. I hate how some Americans make us look like we're idiots when not all of us are -_-

y am I not supprised that she is american. I'm Canadian so atleast I'm not ignorant like your mom

I'm Canadian, when I went to the states ppl asked me if I lived in an igloo -_-

well how about lets test your knowledge on geography? technically you can see france from a pier in new brunswick what part of france is that called? and you also live beside greenland which is denmark do you know their leaders? and also you mentioned mexico so it would be valid to say that iceland is your neighbor since its about the same distance do you know anything about them?

#209 - Yeah, I'll have a go. Without cheating and looking stuff up... The French territory next to Canada is St Pierre et Miquelon, famous for territorial fishing rights disputes with Canada, and that the place is alternately totally foggy or has howling winds. Denmark & Greenland have the same head of state, Queen Margrethe II. The Prime minister of Denmark is (someone) Rasmussen. No idea for the Greenland Prime Minister. Iceland, yeah, I know a lot about it, so hard to know where to start, but seeing as how we're on leaders, Prime Minister is Johanna Sigurðardóttir, famous for being the world's first openly gay leader, and the President is (someone) Grimmson, famous for being in the news a lot during the Icelandic Financial Crisis. your point was?

lol u guys are all wrong. The word ur all looking for is hereditary. As in, passed down from a parent to offspring...

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Actually, intelligence is partially genetic, or in other words, your screwed.

212 no one gives a shit if u know about every country. enough with the rant already. I'm canadian and I don't know who the first Canadian prime minister was, but I do know who the first president was. it's just that Americas such a huge influence your always in the spotlight. every one knows who the first American president was, and of not they at least know the name if not the position. people love it when others fail, and practically everyones curious as to see what America failing would be like. so other countries love to point out Americas flaws even though it's not really fair to America. but don't get me wrong, you don't get my sympathy. america has dug it's own grave and whether or not you use it is up to you

There is no way someone can be that stupid. Her dumbfuck level is over 9000!!!

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Im in USA & I would prefer Mexico, sorry

if it was, i wouldnt know how to speak English, work a computer, and I'd be "talking funny"

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you would be surprised at how many people fail at geography. college graduates included. *sigh* just give someone a blank map and ask them where america is. |the kid|

I wonder If her mom even knows australia is a continent.

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haha that is just like my sister