By BadTime - / Tuesday 30 August 2011 09:35 / United States
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  Mitcha857  |  0

You fail for letting your wife try to do something to fix a car

  Pixxio_O  |  11

Just be thankful that it didn't end up in your butt :)

  Kyzahhh  |  7

It's not as simple as an oil change it would damage the head of the motor resulting I'm the engine needing a rebuild or buying a Change over engine

  juicedboi  |  7

And even if an oil change solved the problem, it would be short term, as the leftover soap in your block would be likely to prevent the oil from lubing the cylinder anyway, and then BAM! Cracked block or head and a hefty repair bill.. So ladies, who wants to lube my cylinder? I swear I don't bleed!.. Much


Drain the water right away, and let it drain for about 30 minutes. Fill the crankcase with the recommended amount of oil, and drain the crankcase again. This will help get any water on top of the engine out. Refill the crankcase with new oil again, and you should be fine. A little water won't hurt the engine. Condensation builds up inside anyway. Finally, I would change the oil after a day or two of driving the vehicle, just to be sure that all the water is out. Yes, copy and pasted this, because I couldn't be bothered to write it out.

  sunlovinmama  |  1

Your wife is a dipstick. The oil spot is a lot harder to reach and pour into than the actual washer fluid container.. Truthfully it's her dad's fault. He should have taught her basic car maintenance. Time to fix his mistake OP

By  karagarren  |  8

I've done stupid car things too. we all do them at least once. too bad this happened at a time like this

  Yodaevil  |  4

Really? The cap that says "oil" looks like where the washer fluid should go? It's in plain english what goes where. Itd be like him bleaching all if her "non-bleach" clothes. Pay attention people!

  addy763  |  0

No.. Not everyone is too stupid to figure out that the cap that says "oil" is where the oil goes, and the cap with the picture of the windshield wipers is where the washer fluid goes. You must be really dumb... I've never done anything to screw up my car.

  dmmcintyre3  |  8

I would like to see you walk/bike 25 miles one way to work 2 and 3 times a day.

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