By Anonymous - 28/06/2022 16:00

Today, I called complaints for my internet provider because, again, it's slowed to a crawl that would make dial-up laugh. They said that I live in a remote area, so maintenance is difficult. When I pointed out I only live ten minutes from the nearest city, they responded by saying they're my only option, so tough. FML
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They are lying. There's always satellite Internet that doesn't require terrestrial equipment in the area. I think HughesNet is one such option.

Must be Shitcas…err Comcast


Must be Shitcas…err Comcast

They are lying. There's always satellite Internet that doesn't require terrestrial equipment in the area. I think HughesNet is one such option.

Hughes net is the worst internet on the planet. if he likes outages constantly that make slow internet look fast then sure.

If you are accessing your internet from your device using wifi, completely shut down your device (computer, tablet, whatever) and then restart it - That is a full power shutdown not just putting it to sleep. Sometimes that makes a difference. Wifi is much more prone to getting screwed up than wired internet and even the best systems have this trouble from time to time. If restarting your device doesn’t help, turn off or power down the modem for 5 minutes then restart it. This is the piece of equipment your Internet service supplied. By the way it takes a few minutes for your modem to get going again, so be patient. Sometimes that helps. There are occasions when the problem is on the service provider’s end or even rarer when the internet itself is having issues due to congestion or hacking attempts. These usually are resolved within hours. If either of these are the problem, the support staff at your provider can tell you this. There are satellite internet providers who provide coverage where there are no other options. Their price is not always great for the speed they provide however. And also there are providers who use cellular data as long as you have decent cellular service in your area. Finally, while it’s a pain to sort out, sometimes your neighbors are using your wifi - enough doing it or a heavy bogus user will slow everything way down. If your wifi isn’t secured with a password that is not the original default of the device then that will lead to this situation. Never agree to share internet wifi with anyone you aren’t actually living with. In addition to this kind of trouble, if some a-hole is using your internet connection for “dark web” purposes, if they are ever traced back by law enforcement you could wind up with cops at your door. Read the documentation that came with your router about installation to figure out how to correct this.

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I use an old 3rd gen i7 pc and run pFsense. It beat my $600 wifi router in speed and reliability. Easy to setup and i turned my wifi router into an AccessPoint. Fixed all my issues and I can actually hit 1Gbit up/1Gbit down on my fiber connection. I live 45 minutes from closest city buy HOA installed Fiber in 90’s As a tech, Iim appauled by the cost of under performing routers. Sometimes a small fan makes the difference between a working and crappy router. They are computers too, they need cooling. That said, any old computer can be turned into a better router than $100+ routers on the local retailers shelf.

Was the rep rubbing his nipples while he said it?

There is an internet service called Net All Over. you should look into it. I live in a hole in the bum **** of nowhere and it works pretty damn good. it's off cell towers so it's better.

sounds like CenturyLink

look into starlink. it's for rural areas ans speeds are 150-300 mbps.