By prick - 30/10/2015 21:53 - United States - Dover

Today, as I rung up a customer's groceries, he gave me a pitying look and said I'd have a "real job" if I'd only studied harder. FML
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Break his eggs.

Sad how not many real humans exist, even if they have "real" jobs.


Don't worry OP, it's not too late. It was wrong of him to assume you didn't try anyhow.

Who says its "too late"? My mom has TWO college degrees in accounting and something in business and works at a gas station and factory. Just because you have education and a degree doesn't mean you get a job in it. And even then, who's going to work the jobs people think they are too good for?

Break his eggs.

And his legs

Lol, I remember whenever I was a grocery store cashier that if someone said something demeaning to me, I'd not be gentle with their bread.

Give him a peg.

Squished bread is my worst nightmare.

Then make sure you're polite I guess.

That'd only affirm the customer's belief that OP is incompetent.

We need people for all kinds of jobs, even the ones that require no special education. Judging peoples value based on their job is such bs.

I know! Comments like that always annoy me, because although not all jobs are considered "cool" or "good", we need all those different jobs to be able to have the society that we do! Some people are just so completely ignorant. Don't feel bad, OP, I think your job is very real - and very necessary.

I hate the term "real job". I'm a server and I get that from time to time. I pay real taxes, make real money, which pays real bills. How is that not a "real job"?

Give it a decade or two, then we'll have robots doing most jobs and they won't care about being insulted.

it's mostly a us thing where living to work. instead of working to live is the norm

Sad how not many real humans exist, even if they have "real" jobs.

Demanding a service while putting down the people who provide that service makes you the stupidest asshole on the planet.

I hope you gave him the wrong change

I think that would just reinforce his comment...

Some people are just jerks, OP. They'll get what's coming to them.

i bet he doesnt tell that to the lady at the local bar

I would of told him to piss off

At work? Yeah, okay, let's see how that works out. As another customer, yeah, okay, do it.

Would have*

You know, I'm trying to see things from his point of view but I find it quite difficult to shove my head that far up my ass.

Working at a grocery store is one of the best jobs with GREAT overtime & benefits!! He just doesn't know...sorry OP that sucks!! I think your job is GREAT!!!! : )

well I wouldn't go as far as saying it's the BEST job, sometimes it sucks. but everyone starts somewhere and OP could be like the thousands of other people who go to college and have a job at the same time. just because you're in a job like that doesn't make you any less than people with "real" job.