Sexed to death

By Anonymous - 06/05/2022 12:00

Today, I just got home from the police station where I had to explain that the guy I drunkenly hooked up with last night died in the middle of sex from a brain aneurysm. He had no wallet or anything, just car keys, so all I could tell the cops was his first name, that’s it. FML
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You gave him mind-blowing sex, literally!

That is the FML of all FMLs!


talk about going out with a bang

You gave him mind-blowing sex, literally!

Wow that’s a lot! I hope your able to find ways to process seeing that..

That is the FML of all FMLs!

An actual case of death by snu snu.

That’s how I hope to go out! But seriously, that could be traumatising, I hope you get help for it. It wasn’t your fault, it happens!

I'm amazed how good you are that you can diagnose a brain aneurism with him dying just last night. Even while drunk...

He was coming as he was going.

Died doing what a man loves

Don't feel bad I am sure he died with a smile on his face