By Jessica - 19/10/2012 01:57 - United States

Today, I got a job babysitting two really sweet kids. When their parents left, they told me that their cat had died. I told them how sorry I was, to which one of them replied, "That's okay. We still have him in a box. Wanna see?" FML
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I'm hoping it died earlier in the day and not a week ago or something.

What If they ment the ashes and not the actual cat?


I'm hoping it died earlier in the day and not a week ago or something.

Naw, it died 6 months ago. It's a rotting corpse by this point. Trust me, its hard to bury your cat when you live in an apartment..

Yeah the neighbors below you wouldn't appreciate it.

Well did you have to see it? More importantly, why would the parents let them keep a dead cat?

Chances are the cat died fairly recently and the parents don't know yet. The kids are likely to young to fully grasp death and what happens after it.

Did you respond with "Sounds delicious!" Because that would have thrown them off!!

No because that would have been even more weird than keeping a dead cat in a box

Finally. A guy who has a Evolution as a profile pic instead of a buggati, or lamborghini.

Is it really so bad you feel your life is ****** over it? You sound fairly weak-hearted.

Shouldn't it be an FML for them? It was their cat after all and they are young children...

Don't fear OP, This is not Pet Sematary :D

Sematary is actually how they spell it in the movie title.

I figured I did something wrong with the thumbs down :P Thanks for telling me :)

What If they ment the ashes and not the actual cat?

Who keeps ashes in a box? What I was thinking was that they had buried the cat in a box in the backyard.

Lots of people keep ashes in a box. It's really not uncommon at all.

Wow, that makes a lot more sense than what I was thinking. xD Very good point.

9 - I have ashes in boxes for two of my pets. When they were cremated, the company put the ashes in a bag and then put the bag in a carved wooden box with the animals name engraved on it. It's not uncommon at all.

Woulda asked if they wanted to bury it and give it a nice funeral. Seems like a nice way to turn it around and a nice thing to do in general.

Annnnnnd the parents don't know about this? Or did you actually see it and it just wasn't something they kinda "made up"? Maybe you should talk to the parents about it. I mean, at least they aren't little ***** like you normally read about on if the only thing bad you really have to deal with is a dead cat in a box than I would totally be thankful. :)