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Today, my doctor told me my ankle has been fractured since last week. I've been helping drywall the basement, and trying to walk up and down stairs for a week. My husband has been telling me to man up, and it's not that bad. FML
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atomicgirl tells us more.

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OMG! I am the person who posted it! My husband isn't an asshole! Well not ususally! LOL We went to the doctors immediately when i did it and they thought it was just a sprain. I could NOT walk on it for 4 days, and the results just came back yesterday. I was helping around the house, but I was limping. He was making fun of me because he thought it was just a sprain. Yes, I make him sandwiches! And he makes me them too! I have a picture if you want to see it, so you'll know I'm not faking!!!!

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YDI for marrying such a jerk. FYL for marrying such a jerk.

YDI for letting someone else tell you that it's not that bad and not knowing your own body well enough to understand that, "Yes, it is that bad."


Fractured ankle? Hah! In my day, I had three fractured ankles, and I used to have to drywall the berlin wall, while the communists whipped my ankles to shreds and german shepherds gnawed on the exposed bone! Did I complain? No, I had gravel for breakfast, to keep me happy.

How did she know he was sucky and stop being a dick

ya know what, you can't tell ppl wether or not they're in pain so shut up

YDI for marrying such a jerk. FYL for marrying such a jerk.

aw... you should never listen to ur husband... if every woman listened to her husband, women would still be being demined...

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If every women listened to her husband, you'd be in the kitchen making a sandwich.

and if every idiot was denied access to a computer, you wouldn't have made that comment. we could go on and on.

not you, lol, sorry. i meant it @ #14. although it might've helped you out a little to spell demeaned right.. ;)

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lol i think he ment me. but he should lighten up i was just joking.

yah... i know... just... whatever... i don't care what internet dwellers call me... it's just i'm not an idiot... i may act like one, but i am not one... whatevs...

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lol internet dwellers? that sounds pretty funny

you sound pretty insecure for someone who knows they aren't an idiot

manda97: um honey, what time are you living in? If a man tells you to go make him a sandwich or whatever, you do it. Simple as that, you have no choice. You should be beaten for sneaking online without permission from your father, too. You'll soon learn your place, don't worry.

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beaten? a little harsh? i mean a joke about makin a sandwich is one thing but beating your wife? this isn't the middle east brozilla so chill the **** out

oh yah... i should be beaten for trying to be an independent person... you're gonna get very very far in life...

You shouldn't be allowed to be independent. That role wasn't made for women. You're supposed to serve and obey your father/husband/etc. Do what they tell you to and you'll be fine ok?

Women can be just as independent as men are, we're all humans. Women are not expected to serve assholes like you, premiermois :/

It's so sad when people do not recognize sarcasm ==;..... and also when they're silly enough to be riled up by someone behind a keyboard. edit: @#30 and manda

Sad, but highly entertaining and unsurprising. I don't think any of them noticed I'm a girl either. XD Hey feminists, did your daddies also beat any sense of humor out of you?

holy shizzle sexist mofos get a life douche face dickless homos who like getting jacked up the ass by horses :O and be more considerate to women

premiermois, brilliant! I was totally giggling through that whole exchange! lol

YDI for letting someone else tell you that it's not that bad and not knowing your own body well enough to understand that, "Yes, it is that bad."

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Didn't someone post a VERY similar one, but instead of her husband, it was her mom..? People suck. =P

It was similar in being told that the injury was nothing, but the entire situation was different. :)

well youu kinda should have realized that there was something wrong, but No that does suck, sorry.