By hatelife - 30/12/2009 19:07 - United States

Today, the instructions on my new IKEA bed made me cry. It includes a picture of a person working alone with a frown crossed out and is replaced by two smiling people working together. I have no one in my life to help me. FML
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These days it's actually not very easy to make friends. If you try to talk to a random person in a mall or a bar or anywhere, they just look at you like you're a fucking retarded moron, mock you, and walk away.

awwwww! i would help you.


Lol thats sad

I get tired of people being whiny losers. I don't have too many friends, but do I care? Nah.

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You're whining about whiners.

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would you like some cheese with that whine madame?

Well now we know why YOU dont have "too many friends"

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well you have to or why would you mention it?

GET A LIFE lol jk but find someone

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Just hire sum workers and STFU

I wish I could help OP build his/her furniture.

I never really payed attention to the IKEA instructions before and their use of Imagery. My condolences but maybe you could just get back out there and find a friend?

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aawwww I'm sry :(

awwwww! i would help you.

Pay for my plane tickets and I'll come and help you :-) Join a salsa group or something? Hugs x

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I'm not sure why..but this made me laugh..i almost feel bad...almost.. Also OP..stop bitchin, you can afford IKEA. You live in NY. You are not an amputee in Africa dying of 3 different diseases. You are just a needy person who feels that everything for be brought to them.. Go out and find some friends. To anyone who wants to say "FML doens't have to be that bad" Yes I understand that, but this FML is completely in her power to change and she's just bitchin.

Making people think of other people in worse situations than them doesnt help at all... It just makes that person feel MORE depressed for thinking of the unfortunate and feel bad for being what u call "needy"

#84, just shut up. What you're essentially saying is that only the worst off person in the world has any right to be unhappy. By exactly the same logic you've used here, you could go up to that amputee you're talking about and say, "Hey, why the hell are you complaining? Just show some willpower and get over it, bitch! This kid has FOUR illnesses!". That's ridiculous, isn't it? But it's exactly the same logic that you've used here. You can't tell someone to stop whining because they're lucky they're in an MEDC. I know this may be shocking, but money doesn't equal happiness.

I think you mean #49, not #84, right? Because I completely agree with #84. People who are depressed cannot help it - its not a matter of being selfish and not thinking of others as #49 seems to think.

Oh yeah, shit, #49 :L.

49- you put waaaaaaay too much thought into that

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Just because she doesn't have anyone to put together a bed with her doesn't mean she has no friends. Maybe she just moved to a new city where she doesn't know anyone yet. Maybe the people in her life are douchey and unwilling to help. Sometimes life is hard and complaining is allowed!

Thank you. About time someone on these boards showed some understanding. Yes, the OP needs to go out and meet some friends, but we don't know her personally. No one here can speak on her situation. I agree, sometimes life is hard. All the OP needs is one more person to make her feel like shit. Guess that's the risk you take when you post here, though.

Insensitive bitch much? Good luck finding a good guy

I would help you !