By Anonymous - 18/10/2015 12:53 - United States

Today, my mom was talking about my grandma's approaching death. When she saw I was getting upset, she gave me a weird look and asked me if I was PMSing. FML
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Sounds like your mom and grandma have some issues between them. That's messed up.


Most likely there are problems between the two... it's heartbreaking to think she might die without them being at peace.

Or it could just be her way of trying to cope with it. People deal with loss in very different ways. Some less healthy than others.

Sounds like your mom and grandma have some issues between them. That's messed up.

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Maybe OP's mom is just an insensitive gold-hearted bitch...

Its the paternal grandmother, i d hope...

Awh! Maybe find other, more supportive, family members to talk to.

That's messed up, I hope your grandmother gets well soon

Sorry about your grandma, OP. Hopefully she lived a long, full life.

Sorry about that OP! Hopefully a miracle may save her and heal her

Not everyone knows what everything means, I have to google it.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. It is a few days or the week before your period, you have all these hormones and sometimes symptoms of your period coming up and you can get very emotional. So when people say 'are you on your period' to ask if that is why you are upset, they are getting it wrong. Periods are not fun, painful, uncomfortable and hormonal but the days before are the most emotional times.I see it as women having roughly two weeks a month of suckiness.

Sadness can go hand in hand but that's a bit drastic

It sounds like your mother has a severe lack of compassion

"I'm losing as much blood as you are losing brain cells."