By Anon - 13/08/2009 14:00 - United Kingdom

Today, when walking to my car I was mugged. Not only did they take my phone, wallet and watch, the extra few minutes taken in my journey meant that when I got to my car, I was given a parking ticket. FML
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alwaysalady 0

I'm sure you can get out of it if you tell the judge. Just make sure you file a report on the mugging and bring a copy of the case file with you.

FYL. No reasons required.


RosarioRivera 0

that sucks!

YDI for not assuming the Clay Aiken fighting stance when the mugger confronted you.

sexy_mamasita 0

Shut the f*** up you stupid moron!!

imahorsegirl 0


sexy mamasita, what in that comment could possibly make you that angry? If someone pooped on your carpet on accident or accidently broke your favorite pogo stick because they were to heavy, or even if they cutted you in line for the next game of beer pong, I could understand your rage, but for someone saying something unrelated about clay aiken, the rage is unnecessary, obviously the guy's a fag and his greatest fantasy is clay aiken otherwise he would be able to think of something/someone else, just leave the homo to his thoughts

not that I have anything against homos...

sexy_mamasita 0

Ananamoose, you are indeed correct. I just hate non-sequitur, mentally challenged people. LOL but thanks for pointing that out.

infrared_fml 0

yeah, typical example of the shit hole that is england. Parking attendants everywhere but no cops to save you from being mugged.


double owned!!!! I'm pretty sure if you explain it though, it'll be thrown out.

klovemachine 24

Just rip up the ticket and pretend you never saw it. Then if they say anything just tell them you were mugged.

alwaysalady 0

I'm sure you can get out of it if you tell the judge. Just make sure you file a report on the mugging and bring a copy of the case file with you.

enormouselephant 15

If cops were busier keeping an eye out and not just giving parking tickets...

FYL. No reasons required.

i dont get how people can have something bad happen then be able to take the time and come on fml like its nothing.. wow

biiiiizzzay 0

yeah. i find that wierd also. like "Today I killed a man and I'm in jail until my court hearing tomorrow."

YDI for being careless and daydreaming about Clay Aiken instead of being aware of your surroundings.

fmlfmlfml15 0

Latinoheat shut up with your stupid Clay Aiken jokes, which are completely irrelevant to the OP's FML!!!!!!

bob1233 0


Plexico, are you available to teach this Latinoheat person a few lessons about humour? I think it would be greatly appreciated by the entire community.

I agree. Plexico, where are you in our time of need!!!

I third that. PLEXICO. Save us.

biiiiizzzay 0

Who's Plexico?

Plexico-n. Incredibly hilarious member of Always has something witty to say and a cool picture. See also the post about the donut weirdo. He made several comments on that one. The more you know.

lol. FYL. nobody can really say otherwise. that just fucking sucks.

Always carry a stun-gun or something of that nature.

YDI for not bringing a pistol.

NobodyUKnow 0

That sucks. I'm sorry you had a rough day. :(