By tina247 - 24/01/2011 15:50

Today, I realised that my husband's vows were actually the love speech from 'When Harry Met Sally'. This was made even more humiliating when I discovered that he hadn't even come up with the idea himself, he had seen it in an episode of Scrubs. FML
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MarineWifey88 3

I remember that episode, lol. At least your husband likes good tv! On a more serious note, make him sleep on the couch for a few days.

As long as he meant what he was saying, does it matter from where the words came? You are lucky to have a husband who loves you. He was probably just nervous about the ceremony and stuck with something that worked.


therealdavid 0

Eww. and the worst of all. he watches scrubs.

oblio 0

so what? can't the sentiment still be sincere even though he was "inspired" by outside influences? At least you ring isn't CZ or anything, right?

rallets 22

did he at least go to Jareds?

hahafylop 4

this guy is pure win hope I can be just like him one day.

uchua 16

Scrubs rules. Besides that one last sketchy med-school season.

whatup360 1

this whole marriage vows and customs kinda lame, why is everyone forced to do it, there's other important factors in marriage other then walking down the isle or a lame vows, we can be affectionate in other ways and just showing that you'll always be there should be enough . peace!

Agree. This is what she gets for forcing him to do something he doesn't want to (or maybe even can't).

gottaluvchurros 4

your husband must really love you

MarineWifey88 3

I remember that episode, lol. At least your husband likes good tv! On a more serious note, make him sleep on the couch for a few days.

Dr. Kelso, my name is Turk. As in Chris Turk.

How's she gonna do that? Superglue him to the couch? Cast a teleportation spell every time he touches the bed? Or just bitch the shit out of him?

kelaine 4

Dr. Kelso, did you really think my name was Turk Turkleton?!" haha

It's not humiliating if no one else knows about it. Suck it up, princess.

But my guess is that the husband isn't the only one in the world who saw 'When Harry met Sally'...

This is true, but I doubt a majority of them will put two and two together. It was years ago since I've seen the movie, for instance, and I've completely forgotten how the speech even goes. Either way, ever think that maybe he wanted to be able to say something sweet at your wedding to make it special, but isn't good at that sort of stuff? At least he did something- my best friend's husband redid some of the lyrics of "Tonight" by Trick Daddy and sang it to her at their wedding. THAT would have been mortifying.

True, true, but be honest, it is not that difficult to create your own vows. If you are really without inspiration and creativity, you could just say 'I want to marry you, because you are the only person in the world who can make me feel so happy and blablabla.' Again, being romantic is not difficult. I, as being a creative and good writer myself, would not appreciate it if my partner would steal his vows from someone else. Vows come from the heart, everybody can come up with something. Maybe something that isn't as good as the vows in 'When Harry met Sally', but I would like them more, because they were made only by him, only for you.

being romantic is dificult if you aren't a romantic person. that's like a saying rocket sience isn't dificult you just have to understand it. the entire understand it part however is where it get's dificult. i speak from expirience romance confuse the hell out of me and whille i can fell the romance of a good movie or book i would never be able to make a gesture that was the least bit romantic without it being on acident.

Ninjafriends 1

I was at a wedding where the grooms vows were the lyrics to Like a Virgin... with a straight face.

LightningLadyy 0