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Today, I woke up to a cat licking my face. I don't have a cat. I quickly put the cat out the front door and went back to sleep. When I woke up later, I remembered that I had agreed to take care of my sister's cat for a week. I looked out the door, but the cat is nowhere to be found. FML
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So some strange pet comes into your house and you nonchalantly kick it out. No confusion, no wondering where it came from, no looking for original owners, etc... Don't own pets.

xluciferx666 21

Guess the cats out of the bag now...or rather out of the house....I'll see myself out


xluciferx666 21

Guess the cats out of the bag now...or rather out of the house....I'll see myself out

Seeing yourself out of the house to help OP look for the cat? How nice of you.

MasterTron 24

Guess your in a impawsable situation now.

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Why see yourself out? Just wait until OP is sleeping.

That's the first thing I thought before I even read it was OPs sister's. Hope he's okay :/

So some strange pet comes into your house and you nonchalantly kick it out. No confusion, no wondering where it came from, no looking for original owners, etc... Don't own pets.

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I don't understand when people do such [drastic] things because they're "half asleep". I don't experience memory loss because I'm that tired... how can you not recall agreeing to take care of your sister's cat?

Also, how do you not recognize your sister's cat?

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#31- You can get very dizzy when you're tired. Have you never tried to answer your hand thinking it was you phone?

HighasaCloud 46

#31 - Have you never woken up right from a very realistic dream and needed a minute to figure out where you are, how you got there, and what's real?

There's a difference between the way you feel when you wake up in the morning and the way you feel being woken up in the middle of your sleep. You don't think straight and all your body cares about is more sleep. Seeing as he wasn't used to the cat he wouldn't be able to realise his mistake at dirt the second he woke up. If you own a cat your used to it around and its in your memory but it wasn't his cat

I have two cats and yes in my sleep I do semi sleep walk them out of the room. although never out of the house yet, I guess because I am used to having cats in the house but still. I can see this happen in a semi awake state.

A strange pet in my house would freak me out, I'd be wanting to know where it came from or if there's more.

To #45 and #47, no, I've never tried "answering my hand", and I've only needed to recall where I am for about five seconds before the feeling goes away. I just don't see how you can be so tired that you: pick up the cat, get out of bed, walk towards the door, put the cat outside then walk back and crawl right into bed without a second thought over why a cat was in your house and why said cat looked so much like your sister's cat - which you agreed to take care of. Maybe I'm just looking too far into it, but that seems odd.

I can see how this person would get confused in the middle of her sleep. Give her a break, she is not an actual pet owner. And furthermore, I own three cats. If I woke up to a random cat in my house, it would immediately get put out. No questions asked. You have no idea what kind of feline diseases that animal may have.

If they have a sleep disorder it's very possible they weren't fully conscious of what they were doing. When my insomnia was really I had entire conversations and did chores without remembering any of it.

Depending on how sleep deprived you are this is totally understandable. I've gone to bed one place and woken up somewhere completely different (usually a move from couch to bed) with no memory of the inbetween. I've held full conversations with people that i have no recollection of because i was awoken at a bad moment and fell back asleep before becoming consciously aware. having a strange animal that you're not used to wake you up its not unreasonable to think removing it is a good idea, especially if you're not awake. Granted if a cat is friendly enough to be licking me I'd likely put it on the floor and go back to sleep and worry about it when i got up (I'm a cat person, and i've taken in many abandoned strays that were human friendly over the years)

You're a cat person but you'd immediately put a cat that's obviously a pet outside? Feral cats won't even let you near them, strays would be thin and their fur wouldn't be as nice as a pets. As a pet owner, I'd try to find an owner because I'd certainly hope someone would do the same for my pet.

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Like they've said above, it's easy to be confused when you're very tired. I got 2 hours of sleep last night and when I got up I didn't remember my alarm going off or letting my dogs outside. I finally realized I was awake when I was sitting on the toilet peeing. I don't remember waking to the bathroom. it happens

Maybe. If I haven't slept in a week and finally fell asleep then was annoyingly woken up by my phone then maybe I could confuse it with my hand

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#33, and that's all that matters.

Martermelon 24

I'm sorry I have failed you, FML community... I shall undergo years of harsh training to better my puns so I do not fail you all again. I will do better next time.

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It's ok young grasshopper with proper training you shall one day master the skillful art of puns

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YDI for not being responsible. If I had to take care of someone's pet I'm sure I wouldn't forget about it.

well that was depressingly funny. you better start looking for that cat, before your sister rains hell on you.

Better start looking in more places than just out the front door...

Yes, you may have to actually go outside for this one.

noo.. outside bad...sun.. scary....SAFEROOM!

It's not time to panic yet. The cat will probably be fine and come back when she gets hungry. Put food out for her and she'll be more likely to return to your door. My only concern is that if you're at your place and not your sister's, she may try to find her own home instead of coming back to yours. If she's not back by tomorrow you ought to look around your sister's home. In any case, call your local animal shelters and give them a description of the missing cat. Hopefully your sister had the good sense to get the cat microchipped.

drshn 22

Your entire comment assumes that cats are loyal and smart but they are neither one of those.

Have you ever owned a cat? Because at least 80% of cats I know are very loyal and extremely smart and I know alot. There have been cats who walked hundreds of km back to their old home

How often do cats appear in your house that you would automatically throw it outside and then head back to sleep? You completely deserve it, but your poor sister sure doesn't nor does her kitty. If she loses her pet because you're a moron, "introublenow" is putting it mildly. Find the cat, jackass.

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@11 I get the feeling that Op doesn't care about the cat. If I were his sister, I wouldn't be able to trust him anymore.