By Anonymous - 26/3/2021 02:02

Some friend

Today, I got fired from my job after I wouldn’t lend my friend $1000. How? She retaliated by taking time out of her hands to compile screenshots of all my Facebook posts about talking shit about my boss and coworkers and e-mailing them to our corporate e-mail. FML
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How is it blackmail? The "friend" didn't say "Loan me the money or I'll show your boss these screenshots." They just did it as an act of revenge. Also, it isn't slander either. OP made the posts.

  tounces7  |  27

Yeah it's not illegal. However obviously, you make a lot of new posts about how your low-life friend got you fired because you wouldn't give her money.

By  mando  |  9

Social media is not the place to bitch about your boss, but that friend needs fired! who needs enemies with friends like that? Guess it's time for you to have a fresh start with a new job and better friends.

By  Chazzster  |  20

(1) It’s your own fault for posting negative comments about your boss and workplace online. Maybe if you had spent more energy doing your job and less time on social media while you were “at work” you would have had a better relationship with your boss to start with. And, anyone could have shared what you posted with your boss and the result would be the same - Your getting fired.

(2) Your co-worker is not your friend. Don’t confuse the two. Keep work professional and confide verbally in your actual friends - not in texts, and certainly not online where anyone in your circle could share it.

(3) Your co-worker tried to take advantage of you - Further proof they were never your friend.