Next time? Never!

By Anonymous - 10/06/2014 20:06 - Barbados - Bridgetown

Today, my nineteen year-old daughter handed me a book on raising children and said, "Maybe you'll do better next time." FML
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Demig0d6 14

Maybe you shouldn't have done it

flashback.miss 28

"Well, I couldn't do worse."


Demig0d6 14

Maybe you shouldn't have done it

incoherentrmblr 21

In the words of Lawyers, throw the book at her...

"Spitters are quitters" but in this case.. Haha.

flashback.miss 28

"Well, I couldn't do worse."

Imagine this response. -you're right, honey, seems it's back to the headboard. -ugh, you can't even get that right. You mean drawing board! -you, my dear, have no idea how babies are made.

I think #48 is the idiot son who stole and returned the chewing gum!

Please apply cold water to the burn.

I'm sory #48, but it's not the right time to talk about Ed Edd and Eddie. ..

No, I was just correcting her. The phrase is "please apply cold water to the burned area" lol

404wan 19

No... Its not in this context.

If the daughter did it for fun, she has a nice sense of humor. If not give her a book back on "how to grow up and be respectful".

MikaykayUnicorn 36

But #22, what if OP really is a bad parent? Maybe they are abusive. Maybe they are an alcoholic. Maybe they never spent time with their daughter. Maybe they deserved this little "slap in the face".

cheshirecat13242 32

OP, your kid will never be too old to get the shit spanked out of them for being disrespectful..

Yes, because they already respected OP enough. I'm sure after getting smacked around they would love OP even more.

That would just prove that OP is a bad parent

#6 that is the dumbest thing to do. Discipline is one thing, but abuse is another.

I don't get why my comment was down voted. Would assaulting his child not make him a bad parent? The guy who made that suggestion is absolutely wrong about the best way to go about it. Assault is not the answer

Because to a lot of people, spanking isn't abuse. It's not beating a child senseless or even doing any serious damage. It's a smack on the bum to teach children discipline and to teach them to respect their parents, caregivers and any other authority figures they may have growing up. It's not like they're getting out a whip to belt a child's backside to the point where it's raw and bleeding. It's a smack, hard enough for a second or two of pain but not to hard to cause damage.

Except that studies have proven that spanking is never used right like 90% of the time (meaning only on the butt, when the parent is in control of their emotions, etc) in reality it is too hard to be fair with physical punishment. Not to mention Op is far too old for that now, and something as simple as "disrespect" probably doesnt warrant spanking

This is a good article to further read on it. Science and psych studies have already proven that the best methodology to raise kids it to take the time to sit down and reason with and explain things to them. Kids understand reason. However most parents either don't have the time or patience to do it and may resort to spanking while angry or frustrated (never the right time to serve physical punishment) spanking can work if executed properly but 90% of the time it never is (lot of people lying to themselves about this one too). I know several friends under going therapy for family abuse that started as spankings going too far etc and knowing these things, spanking really shouldn't be considered unless proper conditions of justice are met as prerequisites. Here is the article I was referring to:

Also a first real time study of parents spanking their kids:

That was disrespectful and she would deserve a spanking if she was 17, but she's technically an adult.

JMichael 25

Is it wrong I laughed at this and commend your daughter?

Indeed it is #7. Indeed it is.

JMichael 25

Well my spot in hell is already reserved so I'm not too worried.

mom_of_5 10

Is this her attempt to tell you that you will be a grandparent and she expects you to help raise said child? We need follow up!

Where at all in this fml did you get that idea from?

"You're right honey. I can make one prettier than you."

There is always a rough draft

I'm sorry OP. That sucks. I'm sure she just meant because she was such a screw up and wasn't trying to directly insult your parenting skills? Hopefully. FYL, and that's when you say "well I always did like your sister better"

havahnegila 22

Most 19 year olds have a young and all too idealistic view on the world. After she has a daughter she will come crying to you and thank you for loving her so much. So I wouldn't take it too harshly for now, give it a few years :)

Maybe OP's daughter doesn't want to have children, we shouldn't assume as such.

mariesexxxface 13

And maybe OP's daughter isn't a whiny little witch, but we're also assuming that.

And also possibly maybe OP is actually a shitty parent......... which isn't likely because they use FML. That's a plus for me :D