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My ears!

  Today, my sister brought a guy home while our parents were out. They had sex in her bedroom. I heard everything. The worst part wasn't her stupidly excessive moaning; it was that the moans sounded eerily similar to a cow mooing. FML
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A hypothesis:
Perhaps OP's sister was trying to moan heavily while her partner's... "member" was jamming her throat... restricting the appropriate airflow needed to produce true moaning sounds, and instead releasing half-moans sounding akin to that of a cow's mooing.

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I sincerely apologize for disgusting everyone with my hypothesis.


Oh, it'd be fun if anyone who knew you in person read your comment. They could plaster your life with pictures of cows. In your car, in your mailbox, and real cows on car rides... "Hey look, it's a cow!" -- "Hehehe, a cow, hehehe!" ... ;)