By thank u usa - 13/12/2013 22:20 - Germany

Today, I came across a tourist in the street asking people for directions, but nobody understood him. I speak English, so I went to help the gentleman out. He said "Knock it off with the cheesy accent, pal" and informed me that my country is a shithole. FML
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Weird_situations 13

Tell him to get the **** out of your country then!!


Weird_situations 13

Tell him to get the **** out of your country then!!

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Maybe the man was just frustrated. And spoke before thinking. Still, he should have been more appreciative to someone trying to help him.

You're 13 you know nothing about nazi Germany

^ "I don't normally know about Nazi Germany, but when I do, I reference Call of Duty"

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*an And anybody can claim "trolling" when people trash them

Nazi Germany was at Germany's peak. They had money, armies, goods and land. It wasn't exactly a shit hole you waste of ******* space. It's people like you that made people like Hitler gain power then turn around and shoot you in the head. I'm not pro Nazi but Hilter lead Germany to its peak, he was a good leader with evil plans. Still he accomplished more then you ever will you unintelligent ****. Sorry I got a little worked up there.

@ambient, first- you missed my joke (Google the phrase) and to clarify, I'm referring to the 13 year old who is ~clearly~ trolling.

#80: As a german, I hate your opinion even more than the usual "german=nazi"-idiot (you get used to it after a while...). I would consider this time raw barbarism. A countries' "worth" (for the lack of a better word) shouldn't just be measured in wealth, size, military power...also culture, education, the happiness and freedom of people, etc... A country that burned books, killed people because of their beliefs, their heritage or sexuality etc. can certainly NOT be considered at its "peak".

Next time, point him in the wrong direction. If he comes back to complain, speak German and pretend not to understand him.

I visited Germany a few years ago, and I can honestly say that it is one of the nicest places I have ever been. The people are amazing and the beer is something else, Germany is a country I'd quite happily live in.

Germany was on it's peak before 1933 (after 1933: with forced labour camps and confiscation of wealths from unwanted demographic groups you can do a good job pretending your economy is fine)...golden twenties and stuff. Weimarer Republik, the best democracy you could achieve, unfortunately it made Hitler possible, because if the people vote like that, it happens. Everything was solved with votings and you got, what you voted for, lasted roundabout 15 years. Thanks to missing education, deception, corruption and good persuasion skills, even the best democracy can't be handled by man.

Yeah, what #66 said. I was referencing to Call of Duty.

#84- I was not trolling, but whatever. You're entitled to your own opinions.

#87, obviously you have not studied that era cause it is, undoubtedly, by 99% of historians considered Germany's highest moment. You are letting your stupid sensitive emotions get in the way of facts. Fact is, despite those horrible things, Germany was at its peak. Because, despite what you think, Germany was more unified during World War II then ever before. Hitler took a country that was poor, destroyed, and exhausted and he made a rich empire. Burning books blah blah blah, Nazi Germany made HUGE advances during this time. They had some of the best technology in the world and we're huge advocates of science and education. Hitler didn't want a dumb army. He wanted a smart obedient one. Check your facts you ignorant **** before you post your stupid shit.

Ok, look, #156 must be right, he is insulting you. Way to win an argument.

Ruhig sein, idiot sheißkoph ~Be quiet, idiot ********~ Putting my GCSEs to good use ;D

That was terrible German. And no I didn't need to insult because his lack of knowledge already insults himself.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

87- I think 80 was saying that, while Germany was not at its peak in the sense of citizenship and community, he was saying it was at its economic peak.

#35 did you even read the darn thing?

#183: That is also not really correct. The economic situation got indeed better but that would have happened anyway after the economic crisis. It wouldn't have made a difference if Brüning had stayed chancellor. However, the agrarian sector stayed backwards and the rail network was so bad that it wasn't even possible to supply major cities with enough coal during the winter of 1939. There were also just enough raw materials to support a short war against Poland - a prolonged war wouldn't have been sustainable due to the lack of ammunition. The extensive rearmament was also just possible due to a veiled heavy increase in government debt (see: Mefo bills) Also due to the mobilization of the economic sector the population still stayed relatively poor (compared to the UK or the USA), it just got somewhat better from the extreme poverty during the economic crisis as people had at least work. Economically, Germany did well better at the end of the 19th century than between 1933 and 1945. #156: You are right in two aspects: Yes, Germany was never more unified until then and yes, there were huge technological (military) advances. But huge advocates of education and science? Education was mostly centered around military knowledge and propaganda, basically everything that could help in getting people to fight in a war against the rest of Europe. It certainly didn't support creativity or lateral thinking (traits which are very important in science). Please don't confuse indoctrination with education. And for your statement that "Hitler made a rich empire", please read above. Apart from that, I cannot possibly add anything else that would make an ass of you even more than what you are already achieving by yourself. Congratulations.

You got it dude! *Michelle's voice* But seriously that is rude.

cheshirecat13242 32

Unacceptably rude. Sorry OP it's not all of us! Ich liebe Deutschland..

It's weird cause when I asked my German friend if many Germans know English he just laughed at me and said "everyone is Europe does" which I didn't quite believe as I have been to non-English country's in Europe and it was very hard to communicate.

Europeans learn English starting at around the first grade and most of the time, they speak better English than we Americans do.

bfsd42 20

They speak English but pretend not to because the foreigners generally don't make any effort to communicate with them in their language. A few words spoken in German will usually have them speaking in English to you because you weren't being ignorant and disrespectful.

It's na issue mostly in France and maybe Germany. In Spain many simply don't know. Portugal, Netherlands, Nordic counties are chill to comunicate in English, in Easter. Europe young people usually are quite decent too, while older usually not

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I've reread it several times, some out loud. I must be missing something. Where should this "was" be placed?

RenoTheRhino 30

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shit I accidentally up voted this... the FML is actually correct

Holy **** you people are rash. OP said it right, he quoted the guy and then proceeded to add what was said next. That's it. I don't see the guy said "Knocked it off, pal" up there. Please for the sake of humanity break your keyboard and go sit in the corner. And if that really made you cringe: It's not they're fault that there English is not well spoken their.

Plus OP said "informed", which continues his form of explaining the FML in past tense. Boom mind = blown

"He informed me that my country is a shithole". OP did not leave his country, so there is no reason to say "was".

Actually, if we're being totally pedantic here (and this being the Internet, obviously we are), reported speech requires that the present tense be converted into the past. If it's direct speech, it's fine to leave it in the present. So it's 'he said "your country is a shithole"', but 'he said that my country was a shithole"'. But really, you'll be understood perfectly well either way so it doesn't matter hugely. :)

Actually, since we are pedantic, he could have said "and informed me that my country were a shithole", and technically it would be correct because the word "country" could mean the collective populace.

Guys originally the fml was missing a word and they edited it. Now I look stupid

RenoTheRhino 30

Shit. Looking back, I realize that the FML's right.

When it was originally posted the FML read: ".. informed me that my county a shithole." It was kind of hard to catch until you concentrated on read each word, most people instinctively correct it in their heads. It wasn't a big deal, just a small thing to comment on. Now that it's corrected on the FML it's moot.

You should have smacked him and showed him the way to a McDonalds

OP not all of us think that way, or are rude enough to say it to any person in their own country that we are a visitor in! Also, not all of us eat McDonald's but I have to agree, that would have been justified.

\ 28

Germany's doing waaay better than the US anyway. Example? Their drinking age is 16, and they have far fewer drunk-driving fatalies than the US...

Right! I mean...have you tried their chocolate?! It's amazing!

Someone fly me to Germany. I love chocolate.

luckyone365 7

11: Gordo out of my country if you don't appreciate it

DKjazz 20

Once you get used to the sound of the language, their poetry and vocal music is quite lovely.

Germans also have by far the best bread products on the entire planet. If you've tried good German bread even just once, you'll never want to eat that white goo, which Americans call "bread", ever again. We also produce the best wurst products on the planet. (Except for Salami, I think that one goes to the Czech.)

cheshirecat13242 32

#11--if you were old enough to drink in the U.S., you could be speaking from experience, rather than talking out of your ass..

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

11- So Germany is WAYYYY better than the US because they have a drinking age of 16 and not 21. Yep, that totally makes sense.

\ 28

Not my point, I'm just saying that it's interesting how their drinking age is lower than is socially acceptable in the US, and yet they don't suffer the same consequences we'd expect them to have because of it. I'm not condoning an earlier drinking age...

don't know why this comment got so many thumbs down.

ashalayx 13

the person is in germany, not america

23, maybe you should leave the deep end of the pool, it's way over your head.

I hate when people assume that America is nothing but assholes just because there are assholes here. There are rude people in every single country. Yeah, some people are pricks, but that doesn't mean that all of is are.

Why does everyone assume he's American? The author implied he spoke English, not American. Idiots. There's no way in hell I'd learn English. Damn commies. We're the greatest. Everyone should learn American.

73, OP's name is Thank you USA... Therefore implying that the gentlemen was a USA citizen.

And don't tell me it's because of his obviously phony username because it's obviously phony.

It seems that only the assholes bother going overseas then

It seems the same for all tourists to America. You can't just stereotype people like that.

ZY1431 24

well that's lovely the wanker can leave then huh?

Hey we aren't all like that. It gets me though how he is a tourist and thinks your country is a shithole. Why go if you hate it? A tad bit contradictory. Sorry you had to hear his rude ass mouth, OP.. Especially after trying to help.

cryssycakesx3 22

maybe he was there for work? *shrug*

Either way, I apologize on the behalf of America. We don't think Germany is a shithole, and I like German accents.

Xatraris 38

Not all Americans are as shitty as him. He's the idiot not even trying to speak a country's language when in said country. He then has the audacity to call your country a shit hole. He's a ******* moron.

Where does it say they're American? Don't apologize for the rest of us since we don't know where the man was from. There are plenty of other English speaking countries.

DKjazz 20

You're right, there are other English speaking countries. And all those English speaking countries have their own unique accents. So I'm guessing OP had good reason to believe this person was from the US.

Every part of the US has a uniqe accent also, the the south, the west, the north,

That's very true, but none of those accents sound like the various English accents I've heard, nor like an Irish accent, or any of the other primarily English speaking countries that come to mind. The only other nationality I would say he may have been would possibly be a Canadian. But if the guy had something like a southern drawl, that's a dead give away. With no more information than we have, I would lean towards assuming OP had good reason to believe this person was an American.

jaycee1209 5

What you should have answered was , " Du bist ein Idiot."

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

Or because he said Germany is a shithole, OP could have called him a scheisskopf. (I had to use double s because I don't have an international keyboard.)