By twiggy24 - 05/02/2012 02:51 - United States

Today, I learned that my "Cash back rewards" for credit card purchases are mailed with the monthly statement. The same monthly statement that goes straight into the shredder or fireplace because I prefer to do my banking online. FML
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at least take a look at your stuffs before you throw them away.

My grandma would give you a really good talking to, she keeps all her receipts in her pillow case....


at least take a look at your stuffs before you throw them away.

Yeah, you shouldn't throw anything away without checking what it is. It could happen with other more important or valuable stuff and when you realize, they're already gone.

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2- is your pic a stuffed cat?? It seriously looks like it.

Get things via email! I never read all the pages in my mail, so far am yet to lose anything *touches wood*

ummmm wow, and you should know to keep your statememts just for records reguardless if you do you banking online

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Banks usually are greedy and unless you put the country of Ukraine in your card you probably weren't getting much back. But the economy is shit so that extra pocket cash would have been nice.

I'm from Ukraine. Guess I'm getting a lot back from my banks.

My grandma would give you a really good talking to, she keeps all her receipts in her pillow case....

A plastic zip-lock bag wouldn't suffice?

Oh god no, she does things the really old fashion way and if you even question her on her decisions she will most likely throw peaches at you.

Does she have an endless supply of peaches stored away specifically to throw at people who don't go with her decisions?? :O

Yes, she's actually throwing them at me as we speak.

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At least the shredder and fireplace got some nice rewards, right? They could use that money to get married and take a nice honeymoon together.

Lesson learned, it was probably a small amount of money anyways. Just go through your mail more thoroughly from now on.

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That's what happened to my report cards..."accidentally"...wink wink

bettyc4 26

My brother and I would team up to destroy our report cards. Even planned out which days we would be sick so we could get to them before my mom

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I did that once. Then the ol man outsmarted me and went to the school to get copies.....good times

Me and my brother did that up to 6th grade. Then my mom caught my brother in the act with my report card. Lets say she has good aim and we never did it again.

So you'd rather do the work to avoid your mom finding your report cards rather than just do the work so that you don't have to worry about her finding them? Brilliant.

Is learning THAT terrible and boring for you that you have to do that to keep up an illusion of doing well in school? Good luck getting into a college.

bettyc4 26

I ended up being valedictorian of my graduating class and am on my way to becoming a nurse

Im on my way to being a professional procrast Ehh finish my sentance later

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51&53 let me explain my mother was and still is a nut job, I got mostly B+ and A- growing up but if it wasn't an A to A+ I'd get beat with a damn wooden spoon or chopsticks . Yes it was worth it to hide the damn things

I did ht then my brother came home with mine FML

getting more use out of your Pentium 4 at least? hahaha. if i was you i'd at least open them to see what's in there

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Pentium 4 love seein you on here

Clamcreepy 7

I see you have a way with the ladies pentium 4..smooth operator

bettyc4 26

Gotta say nerds love nerds XD

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34- your comment should have two thumbs up right now. My hand slipped and instead you have none.. D'oh, Sorry!

I do my banking online too. But you never look at statements? You are 100% sure the credit card bank never makes a mistake? You are 100% sure there are no unauthorized charges? You never keep statements In case you need them later?

This person may be a moron but you can still look at all your transactions online. Your entire statement is available online. You should still open your paper bill in case there are any notices or changes you should be aware of