By Anonymous - 19/11/2020 05:08 - United States - San Mateo

Laundry drama

Today, I did laundry with one of my new white sweaters and other light-colored clothes. After it all went through the dryer, I found out there are now dark shades on it and it looks like a years-old old sweater, and can't be cleaned. I didn't even get a chance to put it on once. FML
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By  Ellimac21  |  11

Oh Crap! I had that happen to me once too I was so annoyed! You can try to wash it alone (or with other white stuff only) to see if the stains will leave. Try putting a color catcher as well. If it does not work either, you may want to buy a white dye (less than 10$ on Amazon), it works well. Hope it works!

By  Hangryko  |  17

Did you not read the washing instructions on the sweater's label beforehand? I can't vote without knowing that first.

Either way, I'm sorry your new sweater got ruined.

By  Michael Sawyer  |  9

White clothing does not go in the washer with "light Colored" clothes they go in the wash with other WHITES. If you wash them with colored laundry what happened to you will happen.
just for further clarification.. how old are you? If you are under 18 it might not be your fault(but i knew how to do laundry by the time i was 14)


I've been doing laundry for 30 years and I throw it all together and it's just fine. Unless it needs bleach or it's the first time washing something that's going to bleed strong dye, it doesn't really need to be separated unless it's delicate or something (which none of my clothes are).

By  kimdaa  |  11

There's a Life Hack online that might help you out. It has to do with soaking your sweater in fabric softener to loosen the fibers. You should look into it.