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  kaprookie  |  3

well that depends on the time when it happens like if it happened infront of a class I'd say boner but then again if u don't hav a tampon or a pad then period anytime in class.

  Canuck13  |  12

A boner is bad but I think a period carries a bigger social stigma....I knew a girl in gr.7 who got one in class (poor girl, the class had to be cleared) and to this day she's never lived it down...In the other hand lol sorry, I meant "On" the other hand I had a buddy who got a boner during a swimming class; and that rarely comes up.....on pun intended:p


hide it? good luck! I have to say boner cuz it's like a magnet to be called up to the front of the class and at least when I was a kid everyone was wearing baggy clothes. now everyone wears tight pants and stuff.

  Bekll  |  30

#14, the correct term is "intersexed". "Hermaphrodite" is an obsolete term for humans. And I believe having both a functional penis and being able to menstruate is not common among the intersexed (there are different types).

  CitizenSnipz  |  0

I was going to say period, but after school today, I have to saw BONER... unless the chick has white pants.
The teacher called me up and to lie on my back. Then a random boner came. I cannot live this down.

  aldotheapache  |  0

mmm... I see both sides of the debate, but I'm going to have to go with period because a friend of mine got hers in class and when she stood up to change classes there was blood all over her chair.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I'm a guy who says period.

I've hidden boners behind my backpack til it passed, but how do you had a stain all day without being obvious.

But I'd say it's worse if you're a ftm transgender and people find out when you get your period in class. Or if you're an mtf and people find out from your boner.

And intersexed people cannot reproduce so I'm guessing there's no period.

  cantfightfate  |  0

say you're standing in front of class and you start your period, no one would know.. can't say the same if you're standing in the front and get a boner. they're more obvious

  Tasanasanta  |  0

145- I have never had any luck in willing away my boner by thinkibg of something else, sometimes you body just wants to f*ck and you get a narby. (no apparent reason boner)


it depended on what being worn, which class, and stand up.

like a guys thing would be gym or P.E.

which you most likely have to stand and if you have a boner during jumping jacks your boner does 1 to and they are really noticable in gum shorts.

lady/girl is standing up in front of the class and wearing white pants and for some reason they ignor it or don't feel it coming.

so it just depends. when a guy gets. boner almost the intire time with we think "don't call on me" or please go away" also "granma In a bikini". Some guy will say I hope they call on me or something but not many guys won't to be called with it in class.

  andyburgess  |  5

It doesn't matter if you get a boner, it actually got my friend laid because all the sluts in the class saw how massive he was, and tbh I don't think many guys find blood attractive.

  jkmartinjk  |  16

Not when blood leaks all over your chair, without you knowing, and then your teacher makes you stand up to answer a question... i think that's slighty more embarrassing than a boner...

  nerdsftw  |  4

Homers are worse deffo! Most girls don't lose that much blood in their period to make an actual mark in their trousers whereas a boner is more obvious

  ZiaBerry  |  20

I've had my period start in class, soak everything because my teacher wouldn't let me go to the nurse to get a pad, and then have the whole day with horrible cramps that made me shake and cry.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

You've never had unusual conversations at the dinner table? Just the other day Folly darling was going into detail about the absolute best way to kill a zombie with only a butter knife while we were eating. I have no idea where that boy gets those morbid ideas.

  Mirorbo  |  26

Must be....they spend so much time wasted in front of that television, but I never catch them in the act. I can't throw it away either. They'll just find another one.

  Shadarus  |  0

As someone who, unfortunately, had to walk around High School for half a day trying to hide a period stain on the back of a white skirt, I will definitely have to agree that getting your period early while in class (especially with a teacher who firmly believes that once you're in class you don't get to leave again until the bell rings) is far worse... unless the guy has to get up in front of the class and then it's a tie. (Both of these will automatically make your life a living hell until the next interesting thing catches the attention of the rest of the school.)