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  trollcrusher  |  17

It's an annoying (yet common) trend in the gyms I've worked out in: there's always at least one guy with an ego inflated like a blimp, in addition to some weird superiority complex. If you're lifting a barbell with three plates per side, they feel the need to lift four, even if they look like they're going to have a hernia. As you said, I definitely find it obnoxious. I just try to ignore them and continue pushing MY limits, not attempting to one-up somebody else. Hopefully the "ego-lifter" that tried to challenge OP learns his lesson.

  RabbitOfAurora  |  28

Knowing your limits and pushing yourself just that little bit past them = results!

Disregarding your limits entirely to show off and be a macho-man = You're gonna have a bad time.