By Anonymous - 14/04/2018 15:00

Today, I realised yesterday was my 30th birthday. What made it worse is that my parents forgot, along with my other relatives and friends. No cards, no texts, no calls, no Facebook messages. Nothing. Happy 30th to me. FML
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Don't you mean, "Happy Belated 30th to me."? Because it seems you forgot about it too!

Obviously you forgot too. Why does it matter others did as well?


:( Happy birthday! :D

Don't you mean, "Happy Belated 30th to me."? Because it seems you forgot about it too!

Ah crap time to go make an FML now. “Today I wished someone happy birthday when their birthday was really yesterday that their entire family forgot.”

Happy belated birthday, anonymous person!

Well, when was the last time you sent a birthday card. If you do not send any, why do you expect any?

Jayanka 9

Happy Birthday

westleigh 3

Happy birthday! Yesterday was mine too!

I didn’t get any wishes from friends and family, but I did get birthday greetings from my bank, my dentist and a 10% off coupon from Barnes & Noble. So, yeah, I’m loved!

Donut_Wizard 23

So call up your parents and say: “I’ve got great news. I just turned thirty!”

Well, happy birthday !

JordanDempsey 20

You’re 30 and still act like the world owes you something. Usually by now, you’re not still acting like a child. Grow up

Why would you say this to someone? Expecting your parents or close friends to remember your birthday isn’t ‘acting like a child.’ It’s perfectly reasonable. It’s not like OP was bitching about not being thrown a party.