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Today, I had surgery on my "girl parts" and can't have sex for six weeks. My boyfriend sees no need to spend any time with me until I heal up. FML
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As soon as you heal up, injure his man parts. I think that's only fair. Then ignore him for six weeks.

Sucks to be you. Oh well, find someone who doesn't just want you for sex.


Sucks to be you. Oh well, find someone who doesn't just want you for sex.

No it's definitely time for the bf to find a new gf, how is he going to survive 6 weeks without sex, poor fellow...

in this case, "boyfriend" might mean "**** buddy". that's what "grown-ups" do, lol.

just cause her ****** is ****** up doesn't mean her mouth or ass is. ops boyfriend is an idiot

knowing she cant satisfy him with full intercourse she should at least satisfy him with oral sex and hj... but her boyfriend is a dick so she should just dump his ass

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What the **** do you expect OP... you have sex with people you're not serious with and yet you expect maturity? He probably got with you for the sex and you probably already knew that and it just sucks to admit that you're a two bit *****. Maybe you should wait till you're nearly engaged next time before sleeping around, or sleep around and don't expect more of men. Say what you want about this comment; "assumptions, it's not the 19th century, people have sex before marriage, etc etc" but this is the ****ing truth about what happens and it's due to those things. There's no getting around it; if you closed your legs a bit more, you wouldn't be in this sort of situation.

how do you know if you're nearly engaged? unless you overhear him saying he's going to propose, it's meant to be a surprise isn't it?

#146 you can't make broad statements like that. you don't know anything about their relationship. maybe she thought they were serious. maybe he was her first. you just assume that she sleeps around. kinda says more about you than it does about her. and what does being engaged or even married have to do with anything? you can be fully committed to someone and not be married. her boyfriend is a jerk and yeah, she messed up for picking a jerk. but the fact that she already had sex with him is pretty irrelevant to the fact that he's a jerk. btw OP, your boyfriend is a jerk. he's probably always been a jerk and he's most likely going to stay a jerk. save yourself future heartache dump him.

All I've got to say about this comment is it's so going to get moderated for attacking the OP. Read the rules next time or everything you have to say just looks stupid. Mind you it does anyway...

lmfaaooo, what kind of surgery was it???

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Why can't you have sex after fake tit surgery? That's what she meant by girl parts.... right?

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That's worse than my momma's girl parts. Hotdog down a Skagg den, if ya know what I'm sayin'?

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if you stuck around with him after that you deserved it.

if #2 ment "her" wouldnt he of put FYL? not nice to insult someone when FHL could mean her or his.

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pretty sure he meant FHL as **** his life. cause he's not going to be getting any sex for six weeks. if he meant her, he wouldve said FYL

As soon as you heal up, injure his man parts. I think that's only fair. Then ignore him for six weeks.

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I think it would be worse if she injured his man-parts and then insisted on spending every waking minute with him, until he healed up.

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Why wait for her to heal up? This way they could both be out of order at the same time. OP, sorry you're only worth as a ****** to your boyfriend. He should already be an ex.

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34, seeing as how she is only worth as a ****** to her bf, it would suck for him not to be able to have sex with her if he got injured once she healed. On top of that, OP being with him the whole time during recovery, essentially teasing him, would be the perfect way to get back at that douche of a "boyfriend".

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48, I'm sure you understood it was a joke but let's look into this. You think it's best for the OP to have to wait to have sex three months providing she is faithful to this asshole boyfriend? And I don't know of any guy that would stay with a girl after she purposely hurts his man parts. (:

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Is it just me, or are jokes just not funny anymore?

Why don't you cut your male parts off instead? that would only make justis cause you dont use them anyway.

I reckon injure him now so he can't have sex while you heal then injure him again after you heal so he can't have sex while spend every min of the day teasing him and once he heals dump him. :)

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that's what happens to girls with no personality. OP maybe you should learn how to hold a conversation.

Right. Because, of course, only girls with no personality get used for sex.

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did this give anyone else a boner or cream?

Offer him a BJ. then your life would really suck.

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And you're still calling him your boyfriend? Tell me, why exactly haven't you dumped him yet? He obviously doesn't care about you, so why do you still care about him? This might sound harsh, but really, don't put yourself through the pain.

I would say the two of them are not very creative. Why not say it is ******** and anal only for six weeks? Or ******** only if anal is not possible?

#14 - exactly this. If I was a girl, I'd like to think that my boyfriend saw me as something more than a self-warming wank sock.

holy crap - best description ever - OP needs a new BF

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funny story men, most women DON'T like anal. think about your own sad dicks in your own asses before you ask us :)

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@85 why should she had to pleasure her bf while she is in pain, maybe if he had hung around he would hve gotten blow jobs. As for anal, are you stupid! she has stitches in her lady parts anal sex could easily tear stitches.

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And you look like a question mark, 181, you should know that punctuation marks are not attractive at all. Don't be such an asshole.