By Anonymous - 27/11/2009 21:45 - United States

Today, my mom tried to give me advice on how to improve my looks. I scoffed at her but listened to her advice anyway. She ended her tirade with, "I just want you to get laid someday." FML
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Go into porno. When you're taking your "**** of the Year" award, mention how your mom inspired you.


and then u wonder why 12 year olds are getting prego... Even though I don't think the op is that young but still...

my parents go "promise us you'll wait until after marriage" still deciding if I should or shouldn't. :/

she's got your best interests. she's even trying to help! if it's constructive critisism YDI, if she's being mean, FYL.

This is awesome. Best mother ever! Listen to her!

i would love it if my mom helped me get laid!

you have a chill mom. YDI for not getting laid

Are you ******* serious? OPs own mother insulted them. And y'all are all praising her for trying to get her child laid. Get your priorities straight. For ***** sake.

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More like "I WANT GRANDCHILDRENZ!!!111" I hate people like your mother, OP.

Heyyy be nice my mommy is just like OPs mom >.< she actually said "You better pop out a few puppies honey I'm not living forever and I love babies!" it kinda scared me… but ya know it's w/e

perdix 29

I wish we knew the gender of the OP, and maybe the age. If the OP was a 29-year-old woman, see DameGreyWulf's comment #8. If the OP was a 17-year-old boy, it's the opening sequence of a Wincest **** loop.