By Anonymous - 27/11/2009 21:45 - United States

Today, my mom tried to give me advice on how to improve my looks. I scoffed at her but listened to her advice anyway. She ended her tirade with, "I just want you to get laid someday." FML
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faxe 0

Go into porno. When you're taking your "Slut of the Year" award, mention how your mom inspired you.

hey I'm 12 and a virgin!


and then u wonder why 12 year olds are getting prego... Even though I don't think the op is that young but still...

my parents go "promise us you'll wait until after marriage" still deciding if I should or shouldn't. :/

hey I'm 12 and a virgin!

you deserve a medal

she's got your best interests. she's even trying to help! if it's constructive critisism YDI, if she's being mean, FYL.

kristidgranger 3


This is awesome. Best mother ever! Listen to her!

i would love it if my mom helped me get laid!

you have a chill mom. YDI for not getting laid

Are you fucking serious? OPs own mother insulted them. And y'all are all praising her for trying to get her child laid. Get your priorities straight. For fucks sake.

Lol thats funny

JoeNormal 0

lmao wow go mom... n btw

More like "I WANT GRANDCHILDRENZ!!!111" I hate people like your mother, OP.

Heyyy be nice my mommy is just like OPs mom >.< she actually said "You better pop out a few puppies honey I'm not living forever and I love babies!" it kinda scared me… but ya know it's w/e

perdix 29

I wish we knew the gender of the OP, and maybe the age. If the OP was a 29-year-old woman, see DameGreyWulf's comment #8. If the OP was a 17-year-old boy, it's the opening sequence of a Wincest porn loop.

nice to know she cares