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Today, my landlord decided to have people visit my apartment since I'm moving out next month. She had warned me about potential visitors this week but didn't specify when. I work the graveyard shift and apparently the fact that I was sleeping in my room during the visit didn't bother her at all. FML
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I would have stayed awake if she would have called before, not like it happens often

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Nice landlord you have there.

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Well she couldn't really show the apartment at night, could she? Hopefully op will own her own place soon and won't have to deal with that :)

But the landlord could have at least gave op a heads up. It probably felt awkward for op when hevwas sleeping a people were in his apartment and maybe even his room.

The landlord should have called and asked first by law it's still his living space and she can't come in without asking.

63- Oh, so you have a golden MSR? Please tell me more about how much of a 1337 trick shotter you are.

Ummm I'm pretty sure that is illegal. Even thought you are only renting, you still have rights and your landlord may not enter your apartment without 24 hour notice and you may request that the apartment be shown when you are NOT home, or sleeping! That's just soooo rude and I would be f'ing pissed and possibly sue them. Just a thought. But yes, definitely FYL.

Oops... I meant "even though" PHEWW... Dodged the grammar nazi! Lol

chlorinegreen 27

If I were the people who the landlord was showing the apartment to I would be second guessing on living there if that's the future of how my landlord would be treating me.

81, I agree, it would be really annoying and I'd probably speak with them about what is and isn't appropriate to be doing. But to go all the way to suing them? Clearly you're out to capitalise on other peoples mistakes rather than to seek justice and compensation for real issues. Don't be an asshole, just make sure they know what is and isn't ok in future.

102- where did I say I would sue for money? Never said that. I simply stated I would sue them to make the point that I have rights and I have the right to privacy. Maybe you shouldn't be calling people names when you don't know what you're talking about.

I take it you've never heard of a letter or discussion then? Well they're these things the rest of us use to communicate a point or points to someone. You should look into them, they're very useful and would save you a lot of hassle.

108- So I take you've never heard of common sense? Or perhaps common courtesy? Does not bringing someone into your home, where you pay rent, while you are sleeping really something that needs a discussion prior to so that it doesn't happen? Wow! Well I hope that something like that happens to you so you will see how it feels. And who knows, you might like that sort of thing. It may be the only time you ever have "discussions" with other people.

...Discussion after the fact, dipshit.

citymayer 7

They can't though. They might technically own it, but they have to respect their tenants wishes. The landlord should've called first.

Ouch, but did you expect her to show your apartment at night or something? She could have at least warned you I guess.

that's unfortunate OP, good thing you're moving out though. :)

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I would hide behind closets and doors to scare them, lol have fun, I guess, before you move out.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Instead of hiding behind something I would just become a nudist for the time being. Nothing more awkward than shaking hands with a naked man.

Andrew910 5

She just wants to show the visitors how comfortable your bed is.

The Bed shouldnt come with the apartment -___-

Akalia_fml 7

Why did that sound really suggestive when I read it? O.o

84, what if it's furnished apartment ?

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Yikes that sucks, hope they didn't see or touch anything they shouldn't have

I hope you didn't leave your bong out from your bed time toke...

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Let me guess not a renter! See what u feel like when it happens to u!

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I rent and that's all that's expected of the landlord. I also managed some homes for a friend and really the only reason to give notice is so they can clean up the place. Sure, a heads up call would be nice but if the complex is big, the landlord would not know she worked the night shift and probably figured mid day was the best time to show it. Nobody is going to show an apartment after six. They figure that's the time the person is home relaxing. It's unfortunate but you'd have to expect something like that if you work the night shift. The person should have told her landlord that she works the night shift and asked for a heads up call.