By heymacie - United States - Beckley
Today, it was my second day at my new job as a bank teller. I got locked in the vault while alarms were being tested. I was in there for an hour and none of my coworkers had even noticed that I'd gone missing. Gee, thanks. FML
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  cheeeksss  |  29

Why were you alone? I worked in a bank for 3 years and one of the first things we were taught is to ALWAYS go into the vault with a partner (security measure to prevent stealing).

  Tripartita  |  44

If you hit that button on 500 FMLs, you get the "YDI Master" badge. The rush of endorphins can last for days, and a few people have nearly OD'd from it.

By  monkeytater96  |  23

Well you were new so it's not like they were used to looking for you. Heck they probably didn't even know your name. If you'd been there awhile they probably would have noticed. Don't get butt hurt. You know you'd probably have done the same!