By Anonymous - 03/04/2009 05:23 - Canada

Today, I got in my car. When I sat down, I realized a cat had got in the back seat. The cat startled me so I jumped out and slammed the door. Locking myself out. I watched the cat scratch my seats up for an hour. I'm highly allergic to cats. I can't get in my own car without breaking out in hives. FML
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Depending on the car you have, it's very possible for a cat to get into a car. You know how curiosity kills the cat? My mom once drove around town with one of our cats under the hood because it climbed up there and slept. It just stayed there the whole time.

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Hehe i love the illustration x3


Oh man that sucks. I'd probably break down and cry.

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That sucks, and not in a good way.

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how the hell can that suck in a good way??? (no ****) wtf >:/

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How did a cat get into your car? Do you leave the door open or something?

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That's what I was wondering... Cats don't just magically appear inside of cars, last time I checked.

wow, you mustn't have checked very recently then, they do that all the time where I'm from

Someone's targeting OP, weapon of choice: cats.

Scratched up seats vs hives - should have been an easy choice! :)

Geez, what kinda genius are you? Just call someone and ask them to get the cat out for you? It's not exactly rocket science.

wait.... the only way a cat could randomly be in there is if the window was open. In which case, it would still be open. I call BS

ditto #5 how did the cat get there? this must be another april fools prank gone wrong

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an april fools prank in march? no one would see it comming

.... why didnt you leave the door open when you got out you know so the cat could get out of the car?