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By  uh_oh  |  0

#2, 3, and 4

Lay off, guys. Still in love with her or not, that meeting would have been mega awkward, regardless of how common the name Mike is.

He could have been wearing a "John Doe" name tag; if his girlfriend had left him for John Doe, it would have been awkward.

By  Inkspell  |  2

Uhm, i think what he meant was that she woudve thought he was trying to be mike because his girlfriend left her for a man named Mike, therefore, he thought that she might've thought that he was still grieving over the break up or something and pretended to be "Mike"
you know, well, it's hard to explain in text. >___>;
But it's all clear in my head.. T__T

By  nobody81  |  4

agree w/ 6. at first when I read it I thought sfw, but then I got to thinking about it, if that happened to me with my ex it would have looked so pathetic.

By  xolotl  |  0

This is not a FML. It's not even a little embarrassing. I didn't rate because neither thing applied. How in the world did this get through?