By safariboo - 09/02/2010 15:43 - United States

Today, I returned home to my girlfriend after being away for 6 weeks of work. I decided to take a shower and change before having a nice dinner with her. Without looking I grabbed a random pair of jeans from my closet to put on. They were Levis. I don't own or wear any Levis. FML
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bree128 0

happy birthday!!! awww she got u levis for ur bday!!!!


Averizzle 0

You should **** her and right before you take off the jeans say "What the hell, these aren't mine!"

Ajjas013 6

How would you **** her with the jeans on? Idiot.

emmmilyyy 0

haha I was wondering that too. I think he should do the rodeo thing- have ur buddies hide in the closet beforehand, then in the middle of having sex they all pop out banging pots n pans, and see how long u can stay on her hahaha

Ajjas013 6

*Tripe eyeroll* *Sighs* *Puts hands on hips* *Chews gum* *Gives 'the look'* *Gives 'the cold shoulder'* *Spits in the opposite direction* *Accidentally spits out gum* *Dives after it* *Hurts self* *Cries* *Rolls eyes*

Ajjas013 6
ThankYhuCaptinOb 0

why do you have to jump to conclusions ? Maybe she bought them for you because I am pretty sure someone cheating won't put there jeans in your closet . They have to walk the car / home with some pants on .....

Bugatti_Veyron 1

snickerdoodles, you know we all hate you, right?

Ajjas013 6

@BV: HAY! I never said I hated her... Can you read my mind?

Ajjas013 6

I never said I hated her either. Granted, yes she is annoying at times, but she has opinions that I can't really argue with. I've been called annoying my fair share of times too, but people still like me... Right? *Bursts into tears* I'd like to thank the academy for all... *Watches audience fall asleep* *More tears*

yzaldana 0

Maybe it's hers? her brothers? :X

Ajjas013 6

You win BSR. You are officially the funniest person on this website.

I'm getting it looked into, Ajjas, but you know what happened the last time we did site maintenance. *cough*

I specifically go from FML to FML to read the fail comments, and your on each one of them. Everytime I laugh at what you say to everybody, strong opinions FTW!

I specifically go from FML to FML to read the fail comments, and your on each one of them. Everytime I laugh at what you say to everybody, strong opinions FTW!

perdix 29

I don't hate snickerdoodles, but then again, I'm waiting til she turns 17 so I can marry her. Check back with me after the wedding to see if I've changed my opinion. My track record with marriage says the odds are I will be joining your camp, Bugatti. ;)

MindlessRobot 0

Women seem to complain about this alot more. Is it hard to believe a women would cheat? I don't think so.

1800getalife 0

stfu ur not funny I mean eye roll... really that's not funny

plus he gets shit fir being ungrateful about a pair of jeans. Women are ungrateful sometimes about what their husbands/boyfriends by them.

you idiot he said he was gonna take her out to dinner

o0XMzMayX0o 0

snikerdootles is funny at times only thing I dnt like is her grammar remarks other than that I dnt hate her. OP- really she went all the trouble of putting them in the closet im assuming the pants were clean and in the right spot?!?! why would a guy leave without his pants if it isnt his house???

"this one is obviously fake. there's too many fmls that are exactly identical to this one." Yep, I totally agree with you! There is definitely NO WAY same thing could happen to more persons, I mean how could we even think of that? -.-"

snickerdoodle ur obnoxious for debates..but y are u ugly?

LauraTheKiwi 0
datgo321 0

Ajjas u need to get a life. u have like 8 comments on one fml post and way more total. you are also just making an ass of urself

iknowthatguy 0

I mean I don't wish she was mauled by a bear and ends up with grammar amnesia...ok I lied, I do wish that.

natedog193 0

snickerdoodles is obnoxious to spur debate. she must be ugly to induce vomiting lol

Ajjas013 6

Shut up, at least I make people laugh :) I hope cavemen slaughter you out of nowhere and eat cookie dough ice cream over the carcass and remains of what you once were. Or you can be pulled apart from all limbs by snails >_< talk about painful. Or you can do some nice foreplay with Barney...

Bugatti_Veyron 1

give it up, Ginger. nobody wants to debate with a freak on FML.

wtfsnickers 1

well we all know why snickerdoodle is the way she is. other than the fact that her life must suck so bad that she must try to be a over compulsive freak and make herself feel better by making fun of others ie: spelling errors or whatever else cause she in herons feels like she actually fits in with the rest of the world but in our reality she never will....

bugatti veyron shut up snickerdoodles rocks luv u snickerdoodles 

lol maybe it is his house.... hahaha if so sorry op

Ajjas013 6

Freeze ruined all the FML's for me :(

Same goes for your comment #14 That's f'd up OP

Ajjas013 6

:) Appreciate the comments guys. Thanks.

brookiebaby1212 0

um your an idiot he could unzip then and pulled his thing through the hole in the front

29, you're the idiot. Obviously they meant that OP should start but right when he goes to take his pants off yell " WTF these aren't mine!"

bree128 0

happy birthday!!! awww she got u levis for ur bday!!!!

Wow, sucks for you. Your girlfriend has been cheating on you?

HamsteronA 0

no. she's been buying him jeans while he's away

oh wow. maybe you should confront her about that.

girlygirl666 0

You've been gone for 6 weeks. Maybe she didn't know if you were coming back. Also- what have you been up to in that time?

#106 you really think if they've been together long enough to live together and stay together over breaks like that, he wouldn't tell her before he left on this work thing?

volleyballx3 2

kass782000 your 3rd not 2nd dumb asss. and this isnt even a fmlll ?

And this is why we have school...

MermaidSongXOXO 6

How ungrateful D:< Your girlfriend bought a new pair of jeans for you and you act like this?

Ajjas013 6

Why do all new FML's come in groups of three? @Tara: Read it, it says he doesn't wear any Levis lol. He's wearing them now! ...I fail :(

Ajjas013 6

Wow that sucks, I wasn't even done with the old FML's and a bunch of new ones come along out of nowhere.