By SOdamnNervous - United States
  Today, I had to give a speech on the importance of dental hygiene. I got really nervous, so I did what I've heard in movies. I pictured everyone naked, began staring at a hot blonde in the front, and got hard. FML
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  plexico  |  3

Actually, it's even less than that. It's the "hot" part that makes a guy hard. She could be blonde, brunette or redhead, hell, there can even be a "hot" bald chick!

If that is really a picture of you, then you would count as a "hot blonde." I do not wish to comment on the turgidity of my junk at this moment.


I agree, instead focus on the fact that you won't ever see them again, and that you know you can do it. Also, focusing on the backwall, just above there heads makes it look like you are watching them, and talking to them, but allows you to not see them.

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

probably wouldnt help much. Hot blonde naked > Hot blonde in underwear > Hot blonde with clothes. He still would have the same problem though. He should have just looked away and focused on some random ugly person.

  GrapefruitZoe  |  0

Was not. He used "yourself" when "you" was the only correct pronoun. "Yourself" is reflexive or an intensifier, but after a preposition (i.e., like), objective case is necessary. Therefore "you" is correct.