By carobee - 24/08/2013 04:25 - United States - Everett

Today, I attended my first day of school 4 days after reconstructive surgery. But no worries: I'm sure my alien-like appearance and 2 hours of Darth Vader style breathing in an otherwise silent test room will make me lots of friends. FML
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Hi, OP here! I had an accident, and therefore could not choose the date of the surgery. My face was severely smashed up, my nose broken and my jaw wired shut. It was a summer class and I missed the first 3 days, so by the time I was well enough to go they were already testing. The class was a pre-req I needed for my next year of class, my senior year. I didn't want to graduate late from college, as I am a pre med student and want to take the mcat next summer. I was not seriously worried about making friends, it was just funny to get so many strange looks. Anyway thanks for all the sweet comments, I'm doing much better now and look back to normal!!

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Darth Vader breathing sounds pretty cool.

Well good luck, and may the force be with you.


Darth Vader breathing sounds pretty cool.

Or E.T. With a cold. Either way, you'll catch some eyes.

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Though, I'm quite sure the guy sitting in the third row named Luke isn't very fond of it.

Well good luck, and may the force be with you.

"You underestimate the Power of the Dark Side"

Did the force at least help you on your day one test?

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Who starts summer school in late August?

“I find your lack of faith disturbing."

Well if you're gonna pretend like you're Darth Vader, and you're going to make fun of it, I'm sure everyone thinks you're cool man. FYL OP for this situation.

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Op is a girl.. Just pointing that out :p

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Why do people take the 'today' so literal, it could have happened ages ago and OP has only just had a chance to post it.

You're absolutely right, but may I ask what you were referring to?

They're referring to the start of the school year. What they don't realize is that for some, school has been going on for over two weeks.

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But some schools don't start until after Labor Day.

Some schools start pretty late, even in September. It all depends on where you're living :o

In Australia I have only 6 weeks left of classes.

I know people who started in mid August but i don't start until September 3rd.

The school I work at and the school I attend for graduate work both start next Wednesday.

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There were a few comments of people asking what OP was doing in 'summer school' in late Aug. Mods quickly took them down though. Ah, and they edited the FML to say "school" instead of "summer school."

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Ya u'll make lots of friends ur an alien

A more sophisticated style of writing is required around here, sir.

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Remember, it's a requirement to begin an FML with "Today," to get it submitted. Probably didn't really happen TODAY.

I'm sure you'll make a friend if you come up to them and say "I am your father."