By ItaliczZz - 12/10/2011 08:13 - Australia

Today, I left my window open while practicing the saxophone. My drunk neighbours showed their appreciation for the music with a well-aimed firecracker that set my mattress on fire. My landlord has threatened to evict me as she thinks I set it off. FML
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netbeui435 3

A firecracker?!? WTF is wrong with them?


A firecracker?!? WTF is wrong with them?

It seems they think your music *sunglasses* is on fire!

Well he wasn't really being respectful by leaving his window in the first place. People in the next block could've easily heard him.

StopDropNRoll 11

1 he could have sounded like crap. So throwing a firework in there shut him up =P

Smokingweenies 3

It's because he wasn't playing careless whisper...

crackz12 10

Idk if a firecracker is really enough to light a mattress on fire. Im calling bs

crackz12 10

Why was my comment moderated for expressing disbelief that a firecracker could set a mattress on fire? I used no bad launguage. FML conspirisies, out to get me.

Don't worry about eviction, you are above the law.

I_Hate_Tpyos 0

Hey, I'd be impressed. That's pretty good aim for a drunk!

Personally, I would have used eggs, they are cheep and would have scrambled your playing just as well.. Also less of a fire hazard.

just tell your landlord it wasnt u! p.s.- first!

IronMaiden45 0

you don't have common sense do you? what if their was a gas leak in the place you threw the firecracker? or what if you threw it in a elderly persons home who couldn't move fast enough? I swear people are getting stupider and stupider everyday -_-

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Yea bc OP everyone wants to catch their couch on fire with a firecracker these days...retarded landlord...

netbeui435 3
X_Codes 11

At the very least, if you file a report then the landlord can't do shit about it. Actually, the landlord might be able to claim that s/he was the victim of a crime and get compensated for the fire/smoke damage, and that will at least keep them from kicking you out.

Decapitation 3

Put a screen on your window and buy a drumset.

aruam365 24

Clearly it didn't warrant that. However, what kind of an ass hole practices their musical instrument with the window open? That's inconsiderate to the neighbors.

That still is not reason to throw a fire cracker in the window. He could of gave you an stfu warning first.

myoukei 31

not really.... it depends on the proximity between OP's house or apartment and the neighbor's.....

enonymous 8

I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smells like victory

And victory in the morning becomes defeat in the evening because of the sudden absence of matress. Then again, some like it rough so one could still argue on the "defeat" part.

That really sucks. Throw firecrackers back at them. A little payback never hurts.

Your username is fedora11. Classic. Perhaps you should try Tool11 next time.

That is outrageous! I have a feeling Karma will strike back...

SkardeyKat 3

Sexophone? Is that like a sexy saxophone?

A very special tool for your personal musical intercourse. Now available at your nearest sax shop.