By Anonyme - France - Aigremont
Today, I watched the Sochi Winter Games online. Excited by an athlete's victory, I yelled out, "YEAH!" to 20-or-so silent coworkers. As if to redeem myself, I then said, "Don't pretend like you're all working you lot!" Our boss was right behind me. FML
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  booda44  |  7

Nah they were watching the boss watching the olympics while he was watching the coworkers watching him watch OP watch the Olympics after watching his watch

  marcranger  |  28

He could've easily been pretending to supervise his employees with the actual goal of watching TV himself. Or am I the only one who's had managers who are total wastes of space?

  israelnotjacob  |  20

Thinking your manager is just a "waste of space" is a bad attitude to have. Yeah some don't do their job but that will usually bite them in the ass eventually. Managers who do their job though are a crucial part of a work team. If you were the manager I'm sure you'd think your position mattered.

By  littlekellilee  |  45

The Olympics are an exciting time, but this is why there are things like TV on demand and PVRs. It's too bad your work doesn't let people watch them. We have 2 TVs in our office tuned in. It's not like the Olympics is a weekly thing.