By ldbella - 27/02/2011 08:42 - United States

Today, I decided to do a word search in my daughter's Hello Kitty coloring book. It took me 30 minutes to find 6 words in a kids coloring book for ages 1 and up. FML
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Either your not so smart, or Hello Kitty has stepped her crossword game up. haha

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well there's a reason it's for kids


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... really... are you really gonna say that #67?...

OP is over the age of one so 'tWas not such a fail afterall

word search- H E L L O K I T T Y H A P P Y M E O W A B C D E R I B B O N S W E E T

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well there's a reason it's for kids

Haha. Was your daughter able to find them quickly?

And how old is she? Because if she's one and can find the words in ten minutes, I think you're screwed.(x but kudos for trying.

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That's like evolution or some shit.

Soon, the fetus will be frowned upon if it does not have a college degree.(x "You were born without going to Yale!?" Ha ha ha.

how could one year olds do it anyway. as far as I can remember one year olds can't use a toilet let alone read

Yeah, NORMAL one year olds can't. But they were talking about the extremely intelligent kind, those lucky enough to get into Uterus University.

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Oh, so then your birth certificate really isn't a certificate for your birth, it's a certificate for graduating Uterus University! It makes so much sense now!


Doortje - They don't need to be smart, just faster than their "siblings"...

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the book was probably also fir coloring. one year child can "color"

LOL. I find everything for kids harder.

Either your not so smart, or Hello Kitty has stepped her crossword game up. haha

"stupid is as stupid does" springs to mind :P no offence intended <3

No offense, you're just stupid. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

it's a movie quote. Forrest Gump. k? and I know I'm not smart, no need to rub it in.

omg you look like that bitch at my school, bur she's way hotter, no offense tho.

gee thanks "/ I know I'm not good looking, but to hear it from some one as good looking as you? bonus.

Ignore the assholes, 52. You look fine to me.

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Ninja you are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, you just need more self confidence ;)

why, thank you :3 feels good to hear that x


You? Maybe they'll teach you how to spell.

She just learned her numbers from 0-10, she only wants to show off her new knowledge.

Ages 1 and up for a coloring book? Shouldn't it be more like 3 and up? At 1, kids are still eating crayons and the paper, none the less talking or finding words in a wordsearch.

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I thought that too. Perhaps the OP meant "grade" 1 and up.