By Anonymous - 05/04/2019 04:00

Today, I have to pay my college an extra $1000 because there is a $20 charge every time you get locked out of your room, and I have an extremely poor short-term memory. I'm also only allowed to have exactly one keycard at any given time. FML
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Christina Winden 21

If you’ve managed to get locked out of your room 50 separate times you definitely deserve it.

Susan Yee 9

Invest on a landyard.


Christina Winden 21

If you’ve managed to get locked out of your room 50 separate times you definitely deserve it.

Christina W, do you really think that any student - by defn - who's well known for not having a lot of excess (ie, any) cash laying around - would voluntarily choose this method of wasting money - esp. when said student also loses a lot of time and effort having to get staff to re-open said door?! So much for your human compassion and empathy.... Be grateful that you don't have the same short-memory loss. It's most likely due to genetics or a car accident ie, something certainly not having been under OP's control previously either. Do unto others as you'd wish others would do unto you. Author's Edit: My apologies for going "overboard" earlier with CAPS & white-space. It's just too bad that OP learned only of this @ $1000 mark - not every $20 or $100 - so that she'd know that much sooner to hopefully implement an effective change to her routine.

You're right, there could be an underlying issue causing the short-term memory problems. But it's still on the OP to take responsibility and steps to work with that. Buy a lanyard, attach the key to their phone/wallet/purse, put a sticky note on their door saying "Do You Have Your Key?!" Most people with legit memory problems find ways to at least try to work with it. After 50 lost keys? That's all on them.

What's with all the over-use of emphasis, my dude? You okay?

Haters be hatin', it looks like, but not willing to outright refute me. THAT takes courage, y'all! Author's Edit: MY BAD! MEA CULPA! Toned down my op, too.... Hempseed, thanks for asking! Feeling MUCH better now after venting. Lol Tho I doubt Christina will check this page again.... People sometimes seem to forget that ol' adage: Don't judge a person until after you've walked a mile (or 3!) in his/ hers shoes."

Mungolikecandy 19

Maybe look AT your AVATAR picture and PAY attention to what IT says? You sem a TAD worked UP over nothing much. I believe the saying is CHILL.

Well, the whole purpose of this site is to read about other people and judge them. Otherwise the YDI button would be pointless.

Mungo, you're right! MEA CULPA! I need to amend my avatar: Too Caring STILL for SOME of This Shit I just thought that people could be a little bit more understanding given that she has a severe short-term memory issue AND that she never knew/ quickly forgot/ easily overlooked when reading through housing contract - until said $1000 bill arrived - that each lockout costs $20. And yes, I removed all capitalization and excess whitespace, but changed no text.

If you are so forgetful that you lock yourself out 50 times, it's still your fault no matter what conditions you have. You can sympathize with someone's issue and still understand they aren't free of fault. I'm super forgetful as well. I'll stand up from my chair just to stand there and wonder what I stood up for, I forget things all the time, but I am working with phone reminders and by having everything important (keys, wallet, phone, etc.) tied to my pants with chains. If I lock myself out, I can only blame myself.

You are wrong, You have to have your landlord make you a key or get permission from them to have a key made, and if not your locksmith is shady as ****

Christina Winden 21

Well, you’re wrong, I did check the page again. I still stand by my original statement. Poor short term memory or not..... 50 times? In what I assume is the same year? Come on. 10. I’d maybe let them slide at 10. But 50? Nope. YDI.

Susan Yee 9

Invest on a landyard.

Susan, GREAT idea!!! :-)

Their room may be the one that locks you out when you go to go pee and sometimes you forget to grab a lanyard

Keep it on like dog tags.

Hi Longbottom, how you doing ?

I see what you did there, H. Potter.

The hilarious sequel to that Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore smash: 50 First Lockouts.

There is a way better solution to this than continuing to forget your keycard. Lie and say you lost the original? So that way you have 2? Get a lanyard with a card holder on it? Like this is sheer laziness

Most likely the data on the keycards is individually identifiable, and they will deactivate the "lost" card as a security precaution.

Do you have one of those automatic shutting doors? We had that and the bathroom is in the hall so even if you didn't plan on leaving but just went "oh shit I gotta go pee" and forget your room automatically locks you out you're ******.

I'm wondering how you're going to graduate with such short memory. Maybe it's time you look for a job.

Damn, makes me happy I got my education in a country that doesn't see it necessary to bleed their student dry.

Mungolikecandy 19

Bleed everyone dry from the FML's you see.

It's not really bleeding somebody dry if they aren't responsible enough to remember their keys. They have to pay somebody to bail this guy out every time.

it would be bleeding them because the person that "bails" them out was already getting paid to be there because master keys and staff still there doing their job

It's hard to feel bad when you are saying you have locked yourself out of your room 50 times. Maybe you can ask next year if they have a rewards program for every time you use that service.

Befriend an engineering student and he/she will solve your problem 😁