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By  monkeytater96  |  23

Well I pay more in the ROTC housing than civilian residents and they haven't fixed the toilet that broke last semester. Last semester they finally came and changed light bulbs after half less than half were left working and both bathrooms had no light at all.... We even clean our own dorms so there's no need for a paid janitor. Yet we still pay more.

Oh and we have high ranking officials (military officers) come and inspect to make sure we have no food so they don't have to worry about paying for exterminating rats.

We pay schools way to much money for useless degrees and shitty housing. Builds "character" they say.

  dancerr45  |  7

While I agree that we way over pay for a college education, degrees are not useless. They don't hold as much weight or guarantee you what they used to, but they are not useless. If you think undergrad is bad, just imagine the costs of grad schools.


@5, my school is doing the exact same thing. the kicker is, according to the 15 year master plan, we are still getting a new library building in 10 years anyway, and our new 5 million plus one they are redoing this year will be removed. But hey, we can't wait 10 years, and fuck those starving kids in Africa. *sarcasm*

By  TWayne95  |  13

That's why I didn't go to college I got into the linework trade straight outta high school. Or maybe my low gpa was the cause of that. But I like the tuition cost excuse better

By  juuuliaaa_fml  |  19

I would be talking to someone. Your paying to much money for rats.