By involuntary waxing - 15/01/2012 09:00 - Canada

Today, I started a new medication, not paying much notice to the one side effect: "unusual vaginal secretions". They're unusual alright, they glued my underwear to my skin. FML
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Yikes! Don't get glued to a partner!


cartmen73 0

Yikes! Don't get glued to a partner!

shanemaximo 7

They have gorilla glue. Bottle it and sell it, maybe as...clam glue?

skyguy89 0

There once was a young couple named Kelly, who now live belly to belly, because in there hast, they used library paste, instead of petroleum jelly.

Capt_Awesome137 0

Just imagine if a guy was inside of her during these secretions. His penis would be glued to the inside of her vaginal wall! Penis captivus anyone?

op I hope you is girl or else this be really unusual

119 - "You is girl"? I believe what you're attempt at a comment should say is "you are a girl." Grammar is your friend, you should use it every now and again.

Wow, 121. You should listen to your own advice. Makes you look real stupid when you make the same grammatical, punctual, and spelling errors.

121, Don't bitch at someone for grammatical errors, when you completely ****** up that sentence.

She'd be walk around with her bf like that condom commercial

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121- your not you're. I "believe" the tables are turned friend. (mysterious laughter)

witchdoctor1 9

Uhhh. I don't wanna know what kinda meds would cause THAT. Sounds worse than what you may have (whatever that maybe. I don't know)

yeah I was wondering what the heck she was taking and what the heck for too...gross and weird and I hope it isn't contagious!

missamazinggg 12

Because you can get it through the Internet

That is horrifying! Eh to have a glue like substance ooze out of your ****** and stick your underwear to your skin. Ehk what man made medicine can do to the body.

DocBastard, can you tell us what this is?

I can imagine the horror through the internet.

*shudder* Not sure I want to know what causes that...

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*pukes up the pancakes I just had for breakfast*

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Thumbs down because I want pancakes ;(

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*Pukes up pancakes you just had for breakfast*

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Warm breakfast, anyone? Anyone?

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That's.... Interesting. Have fun trying to unstick yourself :)

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Unusual vaginal secretions.. Interesting, hopefully your boyfriend is into that.

That's some weird side effects! Hope you're not going to be on it for long :/