By Anonymous - 15/8/2021 15:01 - United States - San Bruno

Fake news

Today, I had to submit references so my anatomy/physiology teacher might acknowledge that tetanus is not the same as muscle cramps, and correct the lesson that's been in place for six years. FML
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By  Bogrbon  |  24

Sometimes teacher are just plain dumb. I had a math teacher that was trying to show an example of and exponential curve with a bouncing ball. Rather than plotting height versus number of bounces, she just plotted initial height vs rebound height and made the points closer together for each bounce. Try as I might she never got that she was just drawing the line y=0.5x, and just said “it’s zoomed in but would look curved if you plotted more.”

  Nikki  |  11

So you’d assume they meant tetanus then right? Seeing as neither relate to muscle cramps you’d have to go with the one OP wrote and not bring up another irrelevant one